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Should You Skip Moisturiser In Summers? Here’s A Quick Test That Can Help You Determine

Skincare tips: The expert stresses on the importance of understanding your skin type before following any routine.

Should You Skip Moisturiser In Summers? Here’s A Quick Test That Can Help You Determine

Skincare tips:if you have dry skin, apply moisturiser regularly


  1. Know your skin type before choosing skincare products
  2. During summers you can apply water based moisturiser
  3. Also add summer fruits to your diet for healthy skin

Indian summers leave most of us in a dilemma on how to moisturise our skin. The weather causes some of us to sweat profusely. Due to this, our skin feels greasier and more congested than usual, and as a result, the unwavering habit of moisturising as part of our skincare feels quite counter-intuitive. In fact, the richer the moisturiser, the more counter-intuitive it usually feels. Here is where skincare specialist and aesthetician Dr Kiran Sethi's latest Instagram video will come in super handy. As you get to the crux of her “intuitive skincare” philosophy, you'll realise her advice might just change your skincare mantra for the better. 

Skincare tips: Do you need a moisturiser in summers? Here's the answer

So here's what the expert has to say. In order to decide whether you need your moisturizer in the summers or whether you can stock it away for later, you will first have to ascertain your skin type.  Dr Kiran suggests you wash your face with water and let it dry. After drying, take a tissue and press it gently over your face. According to her if the tissue seems like it is the same texture as before, your skin type is most likely normal. If the tissue picks up oil along your forehead, nose and chin-- known as the T zone -- then you most likely have combination skin. If your skin is oily, you'll see the tissue getting oily all across. And lastly, if your skin feels "really tight and dry", then your skin is most likely dry.

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Dr Kiran's advice is to let your skin type guide your skincare. She calls it "intuitive skincare", as opposed to doing "what the overall system tells you". Going by this, she says if your facial skin feels oily and greasy after washing, you can skip the moisturizer altogether. Or if your T-zone feels oily, you can moisturize only the parts which do not feel oily. And if your skin feels parched, then she encourages you to go for the moisturiser and not skip it.

She wraps it up with one final line of advice: "Use what you need, not what you don't need". 

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Watch the video here:

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"Intuitive skincare" might just become our new favourite skincare philosophy to follow this summer. Do you agree with Dr Kiran's method? Give this a try.

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