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Do You Wake Up With A Puffy Face? Try These Three Simple Ways To Reduce Facial Bloating

Skincare tips: Puffy face is a common issue faced by many. Read here to know three simple ways to get rid of puffiness naturally.

Do You Wake Up With A Puffy Face? Try These Three Simple Ways To Reduce Facial Bloating

Lack of sleep and water retention can lead to a puffy face


  1. Inadequate sleep can lead to puffy eyes and face
  2. Some food items can also trigger puffiness
  3. Mobility of the also affects puffiness of the face

Have you ever noticed facial puffiness in the morning? There can be several reasons behind facial bloating. Some of these include lack of sleep, too much use of make-up, water retention and certain foods. While other causes include some conditions that require medical attention. But not many aware of methods that can help reduce puffiness on the face. You can perform simple exercises each day and naturally reduce puffiness from the face. Here are three simple yet effective exercises that you can try.

Skincare tips: Exercise to get rid of puffy face

Dr. Rashmi Shetty who is a dermatologist took to Instagram to share three simple ways to reduce puffiness from the face. "There are several reasons why your face puffs up. It can be tiredness, lack of movement and lymphatic stagnation."

1. Neck exercise-

The dermatologist reveals that it is important to make your neck more mobile. Start your day with a few neck exercises. Sit straight and look up, down and to the sides. Also, perform clockwise and anti-clockwise movements.

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Neck exercises are helpful in reduce facial bloating
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2. Open and close your eyes-

Dr. Shetty has shared the benefits of this exercise for reducing puffy eyes in her previous posts. To perform this exercise, close your eyes tight and open wide. It will work all the muscles around the eyes.

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3. Rotate your eyes-

This is another simple movement you can perform. All you need to do is -move your eyeballs in different directions. Look up, down and take a whole circle clockwise and anti-clockwise.

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These movements will make the tiny muscles around the eyes move. They will also help in lymphatic drainage in the morning. You can do this routine twice a day, once in the morning and once before bed and see a change.

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