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Mums-To-Be, These Exercises Are What You Need For A Healthy Baby

It is important to stay healthy and fit during pregnancy as your body goes through multiple changes. You should exercise regularly to have a healthy baby

Mums-To-Be, These Exercises Are What You Need For A Healthy Baby

These exercises are what you need to have a healthy baby


  1. Make sure your heart rate at 140 per minute
  2. You can walk throughout nine months of your pregnancy
  3. Swimming is good for those with back pain

Are you expecting a baby? You should be careful about your health throughout the pregnancy period to have a healthy baby. Maintaining a regular exercise routine can help you stay healthy and feel your best. Contrary to the popular belief that exercise during pregnancy is not good for the baby, you should actually do exercise everyday to stay healthy and improve your posture. Studies show that pregnancy exercises prevent gestational diabetes, relieve stress, and build more stamina needed for labor and delivery.

However, since you body is going through changes on every day basis, you should be careful about what exercise you choose to do during pregnancy. You can exercise at your former level as long as you are comfortable. But make sure that you don't let your heart rate exceed 140 beats per minute.

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Here are some simple work-outs and exercises you should do during pregnancy-

1. Walking

It keeps you fit without jarring your knees and ankles. It can be done anywhere and doesn't require any equipment beyond a good pair of supportive shoes. You can walk throughout all nine months of pregnancy.

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2. Swimming

Health experts encourage pregnant women to swim as it is one of the best and safest exercises for them. Swimming is ideal because it strengthens your large muscle groups (arms and legs), provides cardiovascular benefits and allows feel weightless despite all the extra pounds you are carrying. It can be very helpful for women with low back pain.

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3. Aerobics

Aerobics strengthens your heart and tones your body. You can enjoy aerobics by engaging with other moms-to-be.

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4. Dancing

Dancing is said to be the best exercise out of all. Just play your favourite songs and dance to your heart's content. But make sure that you don't over stress yourself.

dancing pregnancy health

5. Yoga

Yoga is important for moms-to-be as it soothes you from the inside and rejuvenates your body. It not only strengthens you from the inside by regulating your blood flow but also improves your overall physique.


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