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Exercise During Pregnancy: Not For Everyone!

While work-outs and gentle exercises during pregnancy to keep your body fit and healthy is a done thing, it is not true for all. Read on to know whether you should exercise or not during pregnancy.

Exercise During Pregnancy: Not For Everyone!

Avoid exercises if you are suffering from a chronic disease during pregnancy

Pregnant women are advised to stay fit and healthy throughout the gestation period for the sake of a healthy baby but they should be careful about not overdoing the exercises or any kind of every day practice which involves rigorous body movement as it might affect both the mother and the growing child inside her womb. Your present medical condition should not be overlooked when you hit the gym or twirl yourself at the dance class. Although it is important and absolutely essential to not lie down on the bed all day, but sometimes your health conditions can have serious repercussions on your baby if you tend to over-do certain unsuitable work outs during pregnancy.

According to health experts, you should NOT exercise if you have any of these following conditions-

1. Abnormal high blood pressure

Work outs or any kind of exercise usually involves heavy breathing. If you have abnormally high blood pressure periodically, you should avoid going for heavy push ups and rigorous walking. However, to calm your senses to down, you can meditate and do simple breathing exercises.

2. Lung Disease

If you have been suffering from severe asthma or chronic bronchitis, you should replace your everyday work out sessions with relaxing activities like listening to music or watching movies at home. Often the air pollution in the open air aggravates lung problem and also obstruct your breathing process.

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3. Headaches and Dizziness

Light headaches during pregnancy is normal but if you have had headaches and dizziness for a long time and have been diagnosed of migraine or any related disorder, you should not exercise as it may make the situation even more worse. Make sure that you sleep for around 7-8 hours a day to prevent painful headaches.

4. Premature Dilation

Premature Dilation or Cervical incompetence is a medical condition or pregnancy in which the cervix begins to dilate or widen and efface before the expected delivery schedule. If a case like this occurs, you should immediately stop exercises and should consult your doctor or gynaecologist to avoid any further problems.

5. Heavy Smokers

If you have been a heavy smokers in the past and have dropped it quite recently, you should avoid doing exercises and heavy workouts.

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