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Rujuta Diwekar's Eating Plan For Navratri 2018: You Simply Cannot Miss This!

Navratri 2018: Navratri is definitely one of the most festive times in the country when people fast and feast at the same time. Read here to know an interesting eating plan shared by celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar.

Rujuta Diwekar

Navratri 2018: Singhara and kuttu aata are commonly eaten during Navratri fast


  1. Fruits and nuts are good options to start your day during Navratri
  2. You can have shikanji or chaas as mid-meal options
  3. Sabutdana khichdi is a great option for lunch during Navratri

It's that time of the year again! Navratri is definitely one of the most festive times in the country when people fast and feast at the same time. Fasting is a major part of Navratri celebrations. Traditionally and scientifically, there are many foods which need to be avoided during Navratri. Addressing this concern is celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar, who took to social media to share an interesting eating plan during Navratri. In her post, she writes that the end of Pitru Paksha leads to beginning of Navratri. Both these occasions are similar in a way because they use food as a learning tool. While Pitru Paksha or Shradh is the time which is dedicated to charity and offering food to ancestors, Navratri is about staying disciplined with food in order to nurture the creative and feminine principles in our physical bodies.

During Navratri, food restriction is done in order to discipline the senses. Rujuta writes that it helps in creating hormonal balance in the body. 

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So here is the eating plan for Navratri suggested by Rujuta Diwekar:

1. On waking up, you can start your day with a fresh fruit or handful of nuts.

2. For breakfast, you can have any one of these: singhare pakode/ sabutdana khichdi/ sweet potato with dahi/aloo ki kheer/chana puri with sheera.

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3. For lunch, you can opt for rajgira/singhara or kuttu aata roti. Along with this, you can have aloo sabzi or makhana sabzi. You can also prepare kutti kadhi.


Traditionally speaking, Navratri is about staying disciplined with food
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4. For dinner, you can have samvat chawal with dahi. Or, jhangora kheer can also be a great meal option for dinner during Navratri. Another important and delicious option for dinner during Navratri is paneer sabszi with kuttu/singhara/banana aata roti.

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5. Managing mid-meals during Navratri can be difficulty. Rujuta suggests that you can bank on chaas, shikanji, shakarkandi chaat, fresh fruits or sabutdana wada with dahi for mid-meal during Navratri.

This Navratri, stay fit and healthy while adapting the science behind Navratri fasting this year!

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