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Celebrity Health Coach Luke Coutinho Gives 7 Simple Ways To Heal A Leaky Gut

The leaky gut syndrome refers to a condition in which the lining of the small intestine is damaged, and this causes food wastes to leak into the blood stream.

Celebrity Health Coach Luke Coutinho Gives 7 Simple Ways To Heal A Leaky Gut

Due to a leaky gut, your body fails to absorb nutrients the way it should


  1. Leaky gut damages small intestine causing waste food leak into the blood
  2. Avoid anti-biotics to heal the leaky gut syndrome
  3. Luke recommends people to chew their food properly to avoid leaky gut
Your gut is where it all begins and comes to an end. Therefore, it is extremely important for you to pay attention to the state of health of your gut. Through a recent Facebook post, celebrity health coach Luke Coutinho talked about one such health problem linked to your gut; the leaky gut syndrome. A leaky gut or intestinal permeability refers to a condition in which the lining of the small intestine is damaged, and this causes food wastes to leak into the blood stream. When these foreign substances enter the blood stream, it results in an autoimmune response from the body. Luke said that leaky gut is the core of most health problems today. The initial few symptoms of a leaky gut include bloating, colic joints, diarrhea, constipation and allergies. But if left untreated, the autoimmune responses could include migraines, food allergies, eczema, rheumatoid arthritis and chronic fatigue. As a result of the leaky gut, your intestines do not produce enough digestive enzymes which adversely affect your digestive health. Due to a leaky gut, your body fails to absorb nutrients the way it should and this leaves you with deficiencies, a weak immune system and hormonal imbalances. So now that you know how a leaky gut can harm your overall health, it's time to explore the treatment options for it.

Leaky gut can cause inflammation and extreme pain

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Celebrity health coach Luke Coutinho lists 7 best ways to heal a leaky gut. Take a look:

1. Eliminate triggers like gluten, dairy, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, meat

For a person with leaky gut, it is important to eliminate foods which trigger the condition in the first place. Gluten, dairy, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, meat, too much raw and nightshade foods are to be avoided, Luke recommends. This is due to the fact that these foods are hard to digest for the body. They pierce holes in your intestines and can wreak havoc in your digestive system.


Avoid coffee in case of a leaky gut syndrome

2. Repopulate intestines with probiotics. Add prebiotics too

On a leaky gut treatment plan, it is important for you to look for foods which will support your digestive health and heal the damaged gut lining. One of the most beneficial group foods for gut lining is probiotics. It replenishes the good bacteria in your gut and helps you get rid of excess bad bacteria. Luke also recommends prebiotics, the lesser celebrated cousin of probiotics. It refers to the ingestible fibres present starches, fruits and vegetables like bananas, onions, asparagus and oats.


Banana contain ingestible fibres which can cure leaky gut
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3. Avoid antibiotics and antacids (unless you really really need to)

Luke focuses on the importance of holistic treatments for health problems, including the leaky gut syndrome. He recommends people to avoid taking medicines unless it is urgently needed.

4. Add natural gut healers

Cold compress, coconut oil, omega 3 rich foods, L-glutamine, zinc and selenium are natural gut healers recommended by Luke. Minerals like zinc play an important role in keeping your intestinal lining healthy. Such nutritional deficiencies contribute to the leaky gut syndrome. Therefore, it is important for the patient to include foods rich in these nutrients.


Coconut oil is a natural gut healer
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5. Chew every bite

In most cases, people are in a rush to finish their meals. They do not chew their food properly. This could contribute to the leaky gut syndrome. Therefore, Luke recommends people to chew their food properly. Not just to avoid choking, but to prevent any possible health condition, one must chew food properly.

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6. Maintain the pH balance

A healthy pH balance is also definitive of your health. Your stomach should be acidic while your blood must be alkaline. Therefore, it is tricky to maintain the perfect pH balance in your body. For this, you can combine acidic and alkaline foods in your meals to ensure proper balance in your body. Apple cider vinegar, lemons, honey, sweet potatoes, bananas and other healthy foods should be included in your diet to maintain pH balance

apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar helps in maintaining the pH levels
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7. Relax

Luke recommends yoga, deep breathing, meditation, positive affirmations, acceptance and letting go kind of attitude for people with a leaky gut. Stress delays the gut-healing process of your body. Therefore, such stress-relieving activities should be practiced every day to ensure that your gut heals in a quick and efficient manner.

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