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Weight Loss: Not Losing Weight Despite Trying? Lack Of Sleep May Be The Culprit!

Lack of sleep can not only delay your weight loss goals, it can also make you feel tired and irritable throughout the day. Read here to know the other ways how getting insufficient sleep is harming your physical and mental health.

Weight Loss: Not Losing Weight Despite Trying? Lack Of Sleep May Be The Culprit!

Lack of sleep can increase risk of misjudgement and hamper concentration


  1. Avoid having tea or coffee after 6 pm
  2. Try to keep a gap of 2 hours between your dinner and bed time
  3. Avoid using gadgets before going to sleep

A good quality sleep is important in more ways than you can imagine. Yet you underestimate it and compromise on getting sufficient sleep because of reasons like watching your favourite TV show or aimlessly scrolling through your Instagram feed. But did you know how much lack of sleep or being in sleep debt (sleeping for lesser than 6-7 hours for even a day) can affect you? Well, lack of sleep may be the reason you are unable to lose weight in your weight loss regime. Even worse, it can make you feel tired all day and experience mood swings.

Lack of sleep: how does it affect you?

We speak to Dr Prashant Chhajed, who elaborates on the many effects of having a poor sleep cycle. He says, "If you want to know that you are sleeping insufficiently, you should take note of how fresh you are waking up in the morning. If you don't feel fresh at all and feel tired the whole day, then you have lack of good quality of sleep. Lack of sleep puts you at risk of misjudgement and reduces your productivity."

Lack of sleep can also increase acidity and make you irritable throughout the day, informs Dr Prashant. Sleep apnea and other sleep disorders may be the reason why you are unable to sleep well at night. 


Lack of sleep can reduce your productivity at work
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How to improve sleep quality?

According to Dr Prashant, following a proper sleep hygiene can help in improving your sleep quality. Following are the steps you need to take to follow it

  • Do not have tea or coffee after 6 pm
  • Make sure you have your dinner 2-3 hours before your bed time
  • Try and have a fixed time of going to bed on most days in a week
  • The time you wake up in morning on most days should be fixed as well
  • In order to be able to sleep on time and have a good quality of sleep, avoid watching TV, using phones or reading before bedtime or at the time when you go to bed. In case you are required to read or do some work before bed time, then get out of bed and do it in your living room or a chair in your bed room. "It is important that people relate the bed to sleeping and personal activities," informs Dr Prashant while adding that setting up a fixed sleeping and waking up time can help in setting biorhythm of an individual. Biorhythms are referred to the rhythmic biological cycle of a person - which affects his/her ability in mental, physical and emotional activity.

Fix your sleeping and waking up times to regularise your sleep cycle
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Lack of sleep and weight loss

If it has been long since you are trying to lose weight by exercising regularly and following a healthy diet, but failing to do so, lack of sleep may be the culprit. Agrees Dr Prashant who says, "Weight loss regime is likely to not show effective results in people who are not getting sufficient sleep. It will make you want to miss exercising and may even hamper your focus. Lack of sleep can reduce your motivation to be regular at exercising."

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(Dr Prashant Chhajed, HOD-Respiratory Medicine & Interventional Pulmonologist at SL Raheja Hospital, Mahim and Hiranandani Hospital, Vashi - A Fortis Network Hospital)

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