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5 Effective Ways To Help Your Child Fall Asleep

Sleeping time for kids should be more than adults. You need to develop an appropriate sleeping pattern in kids from the initial stage. Here are some tips for parents to help their children sleep better.

5 Effective Ways To Help Your Child Fall Asleep

Children health: A proper sleep can help your child receive the required energy


  1. Adequate sleep will provide the required energy the next day
  2. Screen time should be minimised for kids
  3. Serve healthy foods to your kids for better growth

Just like adults, kids need adequate sleep to function properly. A good sleep ensures enough energy to perform different activities the next day. From school to playtime kids are always indulged in something or other. To perform these multiple activities throughout the day kids need high energy levels. A good night's sleep can help in providing the required energy levels. But some kids may often find trouble to fall asleep. To stop the harmful effects inadequate sleep you need to ensure that your child is getting enough sleep. Here are some tips for parents to help their kids sleep properly. These tips will also help you developing a bedtime routine.

Tips to get your child to sleep

1. Limit the screen time

Most kids are addicted to phones ad gadgets. Some kids are so addicted to gadgets that they cannot sleep without spending some time on screens. Too much screen time can lead to addiction and affect sleeping pattern for long run. It also affects eyesight of kids.


Do not allow your kids to use gadgets for too long
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2. Fix a routine

A fixed routine is the best way to make your children sleep on time. If you fix a time to sleep and to get up in the morning you kids are likely to fall asleep at the same time each day. Fix a time and assure that your kids are in bed by that time. Also, wake them up on a fixed time. This will develop into a habit in some time and help your child sleep better.

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3. Serve healthy foods

Diet also influences the sleeping pattern. Avoid serving deep-fried and junk throughout the day especially before bedtime. Also, make sure that you do not give caffeine to your kids in any form. Try to serve more fresh vegetables and fruit to promote healthy growth in kids.


Serve foods rich in multiple nutrients to your kids
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4. Make sure your child is comfortable

When your child is trying to sleep make sure that he or she is comfortable. Check the position of the pillows and the blanket. Children love listening to bedtime stories. Grab a story book and narrate your kids' favourite stories to promote sleep.

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5. Encourage physical exercise

Physical exercise is essential for kids as well as adults. You should encourage your kids to go out and play. More involvement in physical exercises will help your child sleep better. Physical movement is good for overall health of the child. It prevents the risk of childhood obesity and other diseases. It will also boost brain function in kids.

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