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Weight Loss Diet: Know How The Clean Eating Diet Can Help You Manage Weight And Be Disease-Free

Clean eating diet: Do you think that clean eating means going vegetarian or vegan? Read this to know what exactly is clean eating and why you must adopt this lifestyle change immediately!

Weight Loss Diet: Know How The Clean Eating Diet Can Help You Manage Weight And Be Disease-Free

Clean eating diet involves staying away from everything processed and packaged


  1. Eat only organic and naturally available foods for clean eating diet
  2. Eating seasonal is a part of clean eating diet
  3. The diet can keep you fit and healthy

As a term, 'clean eating' is often confused with eating only vegetarian food or even vegan food. However, nutritionists don't think likewise. According to them, clean eating is nothing but sourcing food from natural and organic sources. Yes, clean eating can be done when you are a non-vegetarian as well. For those who are aspiring to lose weight, get a much-needed body detox or cleanse, manage weight or treat autoimmune diseases like type 2 diabetes, thyroid and PCOD (to name a few), clean eating can take you a long way.

Weight loss: What is clean eating diet?

"Clean eating diet includes eating food that is not processed. Eating foods that are grown with minimum amount of pesticides-commonly known as organic foods-can be termed as clean eating," says nutritionist Dr Rupali Dutta.

She goes on to add that clean eating diet is also about eating seasonal foods. Fruits, pulses and vegetables will benefit your body in the most nourishing way when they are consumed according the season in which they are available. The idea of eating seasonal foods is also advocated by celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar. "Eating food in a wholesome, nourishing way - the way nature has given it to us, at the right time, in the right combination, is clean eating diet," says Dr Rupali.


Processed, packaged and junk food are off the table in clean eating diet
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According to the Delhi-based nutritionist, non-vegetarian diets too can be followed for clean eating. "Avoid processed meat. Try to avail freshly-cut meat from animals that are ethically raised," she says.

All you need to do is take care of your food combinations so as to ensure you get optimum nutrition from your meals. Practice portion control and use lesser oil for cooking in order to avoid weight gain. Even if your meals include meat preparations, fruits and vegetables hold their own value and should be a part of your diet.

Agrees nutritionist Mugdha Pradhan, who feels that clean eating is "eating as close to nature as possible."

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She gives the following steps for clean eating:

1. Always check, how close the food in question is to its original form and how far it has been processed. Prefer home-cooked food as much as possible.


Eat home-cooked food most of the times if you are following a clean eating diet
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2. Choose organically grown foods only. See how far the food must have travelled to reach you. Stick to locally available foods that don't come wrapped in plastic films.

3. Start partnering with farmers directly to get produce directly from them. This will ensure a healthier lifestyle and will benefit farmers too. It is an effective way to prevent lifestyle diseases, which in the long run will help save a lot of money you would otherwise have to spend on healthcare.

"To achieve a sustainable lifestyle, start with one step at a time. Start slow and get comfortable with each step before moving to the next," suggests Mugdha.

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