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Strength Training: How Much And Why You Must Include It In Your Fitness Regime

Strength training can increase body's metabolism when at rest. 2-3 sessions of strength training in a week is important to stay fit and healthy.

Strength Training: How Much And Why You Must Include It In Your Fitness Regime

Strength training helps in losing body fat


  1. Strength training helps in fat loss
  2. It improves body's resting metabolism
  3. It brings an improvement in body balance and posture

Strength training is an essential component of an effective workout regime, especially for people who are trying to lose weight. Strength training is a fitness regime which includes any kind of exercise which gets your muscles to work against a weight or resistance. Strength training is different from weight training. Weight training is a kind of strength training which either uses free weights of weighing machines for resistance. But strength training is something which you can do on your own, using your own body weight.


Yoga and Pilates are two good examples of workouts that involve strength training and engage your own body weight to strengthen your bones and muscles. In her posts on Facebook, celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar says surya namaskar (a combination of yoga asanas) has managed to stand the test of time and is the only practice which bridges the gap between strength and calm. Rujuta says in her post that surya namaskar is an exercise which one can do every day. It is kind of strength training which has many health benefits.

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The American College of Sports Medicine has stated that doing 2-3 sessions of strength training in a week is important for a person to stay fit. Those on a weight loss regime can increase the frequency of strength training sessions to 3-4 times in a week.

exercise for wider shoulders


In order to derive the maximum benefits from strength training, a person should chose to do at least 2 sessions in a week. After being trained under a professional trainer for 3 months, you can increase your sessions to 3-4 times in a week. Strength training should be done by dividing your workout into upper and lower body exercises. This gives rest and time for recovery to different parts of your body. For instance, you can choose doing workouts of chest and back on Mondays, abs and legs on Wednesdays and body weight exercises on a medicinal ball on Fridays. Doing strength training on alternate days will give muscles their required time for recovery.

Some of the most effective strength training exercises include exercises like squats, push-ups, pull-ups and planks. These exercises are recommended by most fitness trainers as they help in fat loss and toning of muscles.

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As and when you get comfortable, you can intensify your workout by doing more number of reps.

Apart from garnering weight loss, strength training helps in preventing natural loss of lean muscle mass which happens because of ageing.

Following are the other health benefits of strength training:

1. It makes you stronger and fitter

Strength training makes it easier to do the things you do on a daily basis. This is especially required when you get older and begin to lose muscle naturally. Strength training is also known as resistance training as it involves toning and strengthening of muscles.

planks are core strengthening exercises


2. Strength training helps in effective weight loss

While cardio exercises such as walking, running and cycling help in burning extra calories, strength training helps in increasing the body's metabolism when at rest or not exercising. Studies show that doing strength training along with a healthy diet helps people lose more fat.

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3. It gives a boost to mood and increases energy levels

Doing strength training releases happiness hormones endorphins in the blood stream. The increase energy levels in the body and improves quality of sleep.

weight lifting exercises for belly fat loss


4. Strength training protects bone health and muscle mass

Doing strength training regularly is known to improve functional performance along with the density, structure and strength of bones. Menopausal women with low bone mass benefit from strength training.

5. Strength training improves posture and coordination

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Doing strength training regularly helps in improving your balance, posture and coordination. It reduces risk of falling in older people. 

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