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This Fruit Can Boost Your Metabolism And Has Many Other Health Benefits

This summer fruit is a local favourite. Its tiny, its juicy, its delicious and we're here to tell you that its incredibly nutritious as well.

This Fruit Can Boost Your Metabolism And Has Many Other Health Benefits

Fibre rich apricots can promote healthy digestion and reduce constipation


  1. Potassium and calcium in apricots can promote bone strength
  2. Mineral content of apricots can promote a healthy heart
  3. It can reduce the body temperature for fever treatment

This fruit's origin dates all the way back to the 1600s. Dried and sweetened apricots were a key trade commodity for Egyptians on Persian trade routes. England used its oil as a herbal treatment for tumours, ulcers and swelling. While, Spanish missionaries carried its seedlings all the way to the US. In the modern day, Turkey dominates production of this fruit and derivative products from the same. Its truly an exotic variety, and the cultures of the world just can't get enough of it. Middle-Eastern, North-African and Chinese cultures in particular have important roles for this fruit.

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So, here are some reasons why you should consider getting your hands Apricots and know it's many Health Benefits:

1. Help digestion: Apricots are incredibly rich in dietary fibre and makes for a good contributor to better digestion. Fibre stimulates the juices in the stomach helping breakdown of your food, and promote a healthier bowel movement. These fruits are highly recommended for those suffering from constipation.

2. Strengthens the bones: The two nutrients vital for your bone development and maintenance are calcium and potassium. The bones are made of calcium, and potassium helps in the appropriate allocation of the same. Apricots are rich in both of these minerals and help keep your bones strong and sturdy.

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3. Promotes heart health: High doses of vitamin C as well as potassium, fibre contribute to fantastic heart health. Vitamin C acts like a shield for the heart against radicals in your system, potassium lowers blood pressure and fibre regulates your cholesterol levels. This seems like a superb combination to boost your heart health.

4. Asthma reliever: Apricot oil has the capability of relieving you of certain symptoms of asthma, and provides ease if you are suffering from the same. This happens because apricots relieve some amount of pressure and stress on your lungs and the adjoining respiratory tract, helping in the prevention of asthma attacks.

5. Boosts metabolism: Metabolism depends on potassium and sodium. Potassium maintains your fluid balance to ensure that energy is equitably distributed around the body's organs and muscles. Keeping electrolytes like sodium rich salt high, can help you have more energy, reduce muscle cramps and keep your blood pumping. Word of caution, regulate your sodium intake as excess sodium may lead to high blood pressure

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6. Treatment for anaemia: Iron and copper rich apricots help in haemoglobin production in and around the body. Iron deficiency or anaemia can lead to fatigue, lightheadedness, constipation, and metabolic dysfunction. The oxygenation properties of red blood cells is governed by the presence of iron and copper in the blood.

7. Reduces inflammation and fevers: Apricots have an anti-inflammatory nature that reduce your body's temperature, and reduces inflammation in various parts of the body. It is particularly effective for patients of arthritis and gout.

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