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Walnut Health Benefits: Weight Loss, Heart Health And Many More

Weight loss: We often get to hear about benefits of walnut and how it helps our body. But ever wondered how the super nut actually works? Read here to know how walnuts benefit your health, when you add the same in your diet.

Walnut Health Benefits: Weight Loss, Heart Health And Many More

Weight loss: The polyphenol found in walnut's skin can help in fighting inflammation


  1. Walnuts can help in reducing chances of cancer
  2. It can help in improving male reproductive health
  3. The nut can help in appetite control

It's an understatement to say that walnuts are a storehouse of nutrition. This super nut is loaded with protein, healthy fats, minerals and vitamins. The rich nutritional value of walnuts helps the body in multiple ways. From weight loss to supporting heart health, the list is long. But how exactly does this nut work with your metabolism? Why should you consider adding walnuts in your diet? Let's find out.

Health benefits of walnuts for weight loss and much more:

1. Anti-oxidant rich food: Walnuts usually have higher anti-oxidant content, compared to other nuts. They are rich in vitamin-E, melatonin and polyphenols (a plant compound). It can help fight the oxidative damage caused by bad cholesterol. This is important as oxidized bad cholesterol can build up in your arteries (which can cause atherosclerosis).

2. Rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids: Walnuts are a rich plant-source of Omega-3 fatty acids. This can help in reducing the chances of heart diseases.

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3. Helps in preventing inflammation: The polyphenol content of walnuts can help in fighting inflammation. This is important as inflammation can be a root cause for many other diseases like type-2 diabetes, heart diseases, cancer and Alzheimer's.

4. Might help in lowering blood pressure: Walnuts contain healthy fats, magnesium and fiber, which help in better blood flow and also help reduce high blood pressure.

5. Weight loss: Although walnuts are rich in calories, your body might not absorb all the calories. It can also help in hunger and appetite control.

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6. Can fight diseases: The polyphenol content in walnuts can help in fighting various cancers like prostate and colorectal cancer. Polyphenol is converted into urolithins by certain gut microbes. Urolithin can be anti-inflammatory, which helps in reducing the risk of certain kinds of cancer like colorectal and prostate cancer.


Walnuts can reduce risk of numerous diseases
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7. Healthy ageing: With age, the risk of physical impairment increases. A healthy diet can help in reducing the risk of ageing. Walnuts are packed with fibre, essential vitamins and minerals that support good overall physical functioning.

8. Blood fat improvement: Walnuts can decrease the level of bad cholesterol and triglycerides. This can lower the risk of major heart diseases.

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9. Helps support the male reproductive health: The omega-3 and vitamin-E content of walnuts is good for sperm health and male fertility, further improving male reproductive health.

Walnuts are a nutritious nut which can be easily added to your daily diet. If weight loss is your goal, you should munch on walnuts as it one of the healthiest, weight loss-friendly snack. Here are other ways to include walnuts in your diet: 

  1. Sprinkle on salads
  2. Finely ground in sauces or dips
  3. Serve with yogurt or oatmeal
  4. You can use chopped/roasted walnuts on pasta/vegetables
  5. Search the internet for various walnut recipes

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