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Dry Hair, Hair Thinning And 4 Other Side Effects Of Constant Hair Styling

Side effects ofHair straightening side effects: If you hair seem dull, thin, frizzy and dry, then it may be because of constant hair styling like blow drying, straightening, curling or chemical relaxants. Read here to know other side effects of hair styling.

Dry Hair, Hair Thinning And 4 Other Side Effects Of Constant Hair Styling

Hair styling on a regular basis can leave you with dry and frizzy hair


  1. Itchy scalp is a side effect of constant hair styling
  2. Hair breakage is a result of hair damage caused by hair styling
  3. Oil your hair regularly to reverse damage caused by hair straightening

Do you often wonder what is the reason behind frizzy, dull and thin hair with split ends? Does it make you wonder that what could be contributing to all these hair problems despite you eating a healthy and nutritious diet? Well, regular hair straightening could be the culprit! Hair styling might seem inevitable to some of you out there. Straight hair might look gorgeous on you and add that extra glamour to your personality, but it comes at the cost of serious hair damage, which you might not want to ignore.

Following are some of the most common side effects of excessive hair styling or hair straightening with flat iron or curling iron

1. Dry hair

Hair tend to lose their natural moisture with constant hair straightening and blow drying. Popular hair treatments that claim to improve your hair quality might also end up robbing your hair of its natural oil. This leaves you with brittle, coarse and dry hair. To reduce damage caused by hair straightening and curling machines, use them in medium setting. Avoid using them when your hair is wet.


Chemical relaxants can also leave you with dry hair
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2. Hair breakage

Hair breakage is a result of dry hair from constant hair styling from heat tools and chemical relaxants. They weaken hair strands and make them easier to break. Hair breakage may also lead to split ends and unpleasant looking hair. Split ends may also be caused by handling we hair, blow drying and too much brushing of hair.

3. Frizzy hair

Dryness in hair make them look frizzy and practically lifeless. Flyaway hair are surely an unpleasant sight. Avoid blow drying, hair straightening and curling of hair to prevent frizzy hair. Oil your hair regularly to make them less frizzy. Coconut oil, olive oil, mustard oil, amla oil and almond oil are some of the commonly used hair oils to make hair less frizzy.

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4. Hair loss and hair thinning

All of the above side effects lead to nothing but more hair fall and eventually thinning of hair. It is believed that the kind of nutrition you get from your diet reflects directly on your hair. But unfortunately, your efforts of eating well all get wasted with excessive hair straightening. Regular hair styling can kill your hair follicles and make them unable to produce more hair. This eventually leads to hair loss and baldness. Avoid hair straightening near the roots. It is better to stop hair styling for a few months in case of hair thinning.


Regular hair straightening can lead to hair loss and hair thinning
Photo Credit: iStock

5. Dull hair

Dry hair with all of the aforementioned problems are less likely to seem shiny and bouncy. Lack of natural oils from your scalp can give you lifeless dull hair. Use onion juice on your scalp and oil your hair regularly to restore shine in your hair.

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6. Itchy scalp

If you neither have dandruff nor head lice, then know that the reason behind itchy scalp is hair straightening and hair styling. Lack of hair oil in your scalp makes it dry, flaky and itchy. You may also experience itching on forehead and neck.

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