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Feeling Acidic? Try Having The Juice Of This Vegetable For Relief

Potato juice can offer you multiple health benefits. Relief from acidity, puffy eyes and dark circles are a few of them.

Feeling Acidic? Try Having The Juice Of This Vegetable For Relief

Potato is a tremendously healthy and nourishing vegetable


  1. Vitamin C in potato can also help in formation of collagen for the skin
  2. Potato juice is alkalising in nature and can help in reducing acidity
  3. It can help in reducing dark circles and puffy eyes

Potato is often criticised for causing weight gain. However, this is anything but true. In fact, potato is a vegetable which is rich in fibre, good carbs, potassium, and even some protein. The vegetable is versatile in nature and can be eaten as a snack and as a main course meal. The vegetable can be added to most Indian dishes and tastes delicious. And not just potato, but even potato juice can offer you an array of health benefits. Lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho, in one of his recent IGTVs, talks about the many ways potato juice can benefit you.

Potato juice: Health benefits you cannot miss

In the video, Coutinho talks about how the juice of potato can beneficial for your skin health, hair health and much more. All you need to do is grate a potato (with or without the peel) and squeeze the juice out of it. Add some lemon juice, salt and other spices to it for flavour.


Potato juice can offer you multiple health benefits
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Here are the multiple ways it can help you:

1. It is highly alkaline for your system. It can be especially helpful for people with acidity and those who experience acid reflux too often. Potato juice has the ability to neutralise acid in your stomach. You can have anywhere between 50 ml to 100 ml of potato juice every time you get acidity.

2. Potato juice can be helpful in getting relief from ulcers, informs Coutinho.

3. If you have dark circles, drinking potato juice can be helpful. You can also apply potato peel below your eyes or keep thin slices of potato below your eyes to get relief from dark circles.

4. Potato juice can help in cleansing liver and kidneys.

5. The juice of potato can help in reducing puffiness in skin and help in bringing a natural glow to it. It can be especially helpful if you wake up with a puffy face and eyes because of water retention.

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6. Potato is rich in B vitamins that help in converting carbs into energy. These B vitamins are also good for improving brain function.

7. Potatoes are rich in iron and vitamin C. Coutinho says that a glass of potato juice can nearly provide you with your daily requirement of Vitamin C. Presence of Vitamin C in your diet can further help in improving absorption of iron in the body.

8. Vitamin C can also help in formation of collagen for the skin. This can be helpful if you have a sagging skin.

9. Zinc, calcium and Vitamin K are other essential nutrients in potato. These vitamins can be beneficial for your bone health. Vitamin K also helps with blood clotting.

10. Potato juice can be helpful for people with eczema and psoriasis. However, a patch test is recommended before you use potato juice for these skin condition.

11. Potato juice can help in cleaning of scalp in people who have dandruff.

All of these reasons are convincing enough to try something with potato juice today. Do let us know how they worked for you!

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(Luke Coutinho, Holistic Lifestyle Coach - Integrative Medicine)

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