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Ever Heard Of Brain Exercises? Here Are Some You Can Try To Boost Focus, Memory And Mental Health

Mental Health: Want to boost brain power, focus and memory? Brain exercises is the answer! Here are some exercises you must try.

Ever Heard Of Brain Exercises? Here Are Some You Can Try To Boost Focus, Memory And Mental Health

Try these brain exercises to boost mental health


  1. Try meditation for better mental health
  2. Brain exercises can help you boost focus
  3. Here are some brain exercises you must try

Do you exercise regularly to maintain a healthy weight? You would be surprised to know that your mental health needs exercise as well. Exercising the brain is as important as physical exercises. It can help you boost memory, focus as well as support day to day tasks. Your brain is involved in everything you do. Mental exercise will help provide assistant to your day to day functioning. Certain activities or simple tasks can help you exercise your brain. You just need to involve yourself in different activities other than your daily schedule. Listed below are a few exercises that you can include in your routine that can give brain-boosting effect. These exercises will also give a break to your brain from the daily routine.

Brain exercises to boost focus, memory and mental skills

1. Meditation

Meditation leaves a calming effect on your brain and body. It can help you boost mental health. You can fight stress and anxiety with the help of meditation. It can be hard for you to meditate initially. You can simply start with closing your eyes followed by deep breathing. Start with just five minutes and later increase the duration gradually.


Meditation can help you fight stress and anxiety
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2. Try something new

Is there something you want to learn from a very long time? It is the right time to give it a try. Learning a new skill can be fun as well as good for your brain. According to researchers, learning a new skill can improve brain function.

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3. Do puzzles

You might have heard this many times that solving puzzles can make you mentally sharp. Playing games that make you think hard is a good exercise for your brain. You can choose from a variety of puzzles available both online and offline.

4. Switch hands for some time

This is an interesting brain exercise which is quite simple as well. All you need to do is try to use your non-dominant hand. It helps as it challenges your brain to perform different activities. Writing with your non-dominant hand is a great exercise.


Writing with your non-dominant hand is a great exercise for your brain
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Other than these listening to music is also good for your brain. Physical exercises are also good for your brain. Working out on a regular basis boosts both mental as well as physical health.

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