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Mental Health: Do Not Ignore These 8 Early Warning Signs Of Mental Illness

Mental health: You must know these early signs of mental illness as they can be detrimental to your overall health. Feeling extremely nervous or fearful, social withdrawal and peculiar and odd behaviour are some warning signs of mental illness.



  1. Difficulty in concentration can be a warning sign of mental illness
  2. Problems in functioning properly at school or work can be a symptom
  3. Illogical thinking can be an early warning sign of poor mental health

Your mental health is as important as your physical health. Anything wrong with your physical health, you will experience symptoms on the body and you can visit a doctor for treatment. But the thing with mental illness is that you may have symptoms for too long and not get appropriate treatment for it. Feeling hesitant and embarrassed about mental illness is a common scenario. This, however, can be detrimental to your overall health. Mental health concerns should be addressed at the earliest and here we talk about some warning signs that you must take note of. These warning signs will help you know if someone you care about needs help.

Mental health: Warning signs of mental illness that you must know

Learning about early warning signs of mental illness can help in taking timely action and also reduce severity of the illness. It may be the first step towards preventing a major mental illness altogether.

1. Changes in appetite and sleep pattern

Any drastic change in appetite and sleep pattern must be taken seriously as they are one of the first warning signs of mental illness. If the two continue for more than 2 weeks, start talking to your loved one and seek help if required.

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2. Mood changes

Dramatic changes in mood aren't necessarily a sign of good mental health. If someone close to you is exhibiting rapid or dramatic shifts in emotions or depressed feelings, it likely that s/he is at the first or may be an advanced stage of mental illness.

3. Problems in functioning properly

An unusual drop in functioning at work, school or social activities in a person can be a sign of mental illness. Quitting sports, failing in school, bunking classes, loss of interest in activities that a person previously enjoyed are all signs of poor mental health or mental illness.

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4. Problems in thinking

A person with mental illness will find it difficult to think properly and focus at work or school. Warning signs of mental illness also include problems with memory, logical thought and speech that are all difficult to explain.

5. Social withdrawal

Social withdrawal is one warning sign of mental illness that you cannot ignore. Increased use of social media is nothing but helpful in this case. With nearly everyone being on social media, it is only easier now to find out if someone needs help. If you experience regular sad posts or posts about depression, loneliness etc on social media, then you must make the attempt of talking to your friend or acquaintance before it gets too late.

6. Increased sensitivity

One of the early warning signs of mental illness is increased sensitivity to sight, smell, sound or touch. Also, avoidance of over-stimulating situations can be a sign of mental illness suffering from it for a long time.

7. Feeling disconnected

If you or someone around you starts showing feelings of being disconnected with loved ones or the surroundings, then it may signal poor mental health or mental illness. Peculiar and odd behaviour must also be taken note of. Feeling extremely nervous, fearful or suspicious of others is also a warning sign of mental illness.

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8. Illogical thinking

Poor mental health can make a person have unusual or exaggerated believe about personal powers to understand meanings or influence events. Illogical or magical kind of thinking (which is typical of childhood) in an adult can also be a warning sign.

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