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Do Not Miss These Amazing Health Benefits Of Mulberries This Monsoon

Mulberries health benefits: These berries are beneficial for your overall health. This rainy season do not miss the amazing health benefits of mulberries. Read on to know these.

Do Not Miss These Amazing Health Benefits Of Mulberries This Monsoon

Mulberries are beneficial for your digestive health


  1. Mulberries contain fibre beneficial for your digestive health
  2. These berries contain potassium good for blood pressure
  3. Mulberries are commonly available in rainy season

The rainy season offers a variety of fruits and vegetables. Mulberries commonly known as shahtoot in India are commonly available during the rainy season. These are loaded with some amazing health benefits. From a bright red to deep red and slightly black colour, these berries offer an amazing taste as well. Not just raw, mulberries can be used to prepare jams, sauces, syrup and much more. Fresh mulberries are low in calories and high in water content. If you are trying to lose weight, these berries can perfectly satisfy your sweet tooth. In this article, you will understand the multiple health benefits of eating mulberries.

Health benefits of mulberries

1. Loaded with nutrients

Mulberries can offer you a wide variety of nutrients. These berries contain natural sugar, protein, fibre, vitamin C, iron, vitamin K1, potassium and vitamin E. Almost 88 percent of mulberries is water. These essential nutrients can offer you multiple health benefits.

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2. May help lower cholesterol

Unhealthy cholesterol levels are linked with multiple chronic diseases especially heart disease. Diet consumed has a major impact on your cholesterol levels. Several foods can promote healthy cholesterol and mulberries are one of these.


Mulberries are good for your heart health as these help in controlling cholesterol levels
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3. Good for digestion

Fibre in mulberries can support healthy digestion. Foods rich in fibre can ensure better bowel movement and keeps digestive issues at bay.

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4. May Help in weight loss

Mulberries contain fibre and high water content. These properties make mulberries weight loss friendly. You can eat these with other seasonal fruits to support the weight loss process.


Mulberries contain very few calories that can help in weight loss
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5. Boost immunity

Vitamin C can help in boosting immunity which can help ward off potential diseases. Mulberries contain vitamin C which can enhance the functioning of the immune system. You can add other citrus fruits to your diet to ensure optimum vitamin C intake.

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