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6 Ways To Deal With Excruciating Pain During Periods

Taking stress during periods can cause period pain. Read here to know other reasons for period pain and effective remedies to deal with it.

6 Ways To Deal With Excruciating Pain During Periods

Body massages can help in dealing with period pain


  1. Keep yourself warm to reduce period pain
  2. Hydrate yourself for pain-free periods
  3. Eat healthy foods during periods to keep period pain at bay

Dealing with period pain can be a daunting task for many women. It can make them miss work, school, college and various other important commitments. It is important to know that periods are not supposed to cause extreme pain. While minor pain and discomfort during periods is not something to worry about, experts mention that a healthy period is one which is pain-free. Unhealthy lifestyle, hormonal imbalance, being overweight, iron deficiency, smoking and lack of physical activity are a few of the many reasons for excruciating period pain and irregular periods.

Gynaecologist Dr Rita Bakshi suggests the following remedies for period pain:

1. Keep yourself warm: While on a period, it is important that you keep yourself warm. Keep a hot water bottle or a heating pad in areas like lower back, lower abdomen or places where you feel intolerable pain. This will substantially reduce your pain and make you feel better. Hot water showers can also be helpful. It is in fact one of the oldest remedies for relaxation of muscles and easing out blood flow during periods.

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2. Go for a body massage: If you are having cramps during your menses, a good way to relieve your pain is through a full body massage. Essential oil massages can also be helpful. Body massages help in relieving muscle tension that causes cramps.

3. Stay relaxed: Stress and anxiety during periods can also cause period pain. Relaxation activities like yoga and meditation can be helpful. Exercising or doing the activities which you like can be great for reducing stress.


A healthy lifestyle can prevent period pain
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4. Keep a check on what you eat: Mindful eating can be helpful for those who experience extreme period pain. Eat more green vegetables, dry fruits and fruits. Dark chocolate can satisfy cravings. Avoid foods with high content of salt, caffeine, alcohol and carbonated drinks. Treat yourself with drinking some warm water with a lemon and honey.

5. Exercise: Less intensity exercise can be helpful for period pain. Try to go for a walk, do some stretching exercise or yoga. It can help in improving blood circulation in lower abdomen and thus reduce period pain.

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6. Hydrate yourself: While you are on your period, it is important that you keep yourself hydrated. To up your game throughout your periods, make sure that you consume lots of hot water as it really helps in dealing with cramps. It enhances blood flow by relaxing the muscle tissues. You can also drink water infused with lime and cucumbers.

(Dr Rita Bakshi is Senior Gynaecologist and IVF Expert at International Fertility Centre)

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