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5 Dietary Habits That Can Prevent Kidney Stones Forever

Kidney stones: A diet high in protein and salt can lead to formation of kidney stones. Read here to know foods to eat and avoid for preventing kidney stones.



  1. Citrus fruits can prevent formation of kidney stones
  2. Include fresh vegetables in your diet for healthy kidneys
  3. Consume less salt to prevent formation of kidney stones

Kidney stones are a result of more minerals or salts in urine. Passing out kidney stones is painful. A range of dietary factors can play a role behind formation of kidney stones. A diet high in protein and salt can lead to formation of kidney stones. Dehydration and not drinking enough water can also be a contributing factor. DASH diet can also prevent formation of kidney stones. DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet is known for lowering blood pressure and chances of heart diseases, stroke and cancer. It encourages consumption of fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy and whole grains.

Following are some foods that can prevent formation of kidney stones:

1. Calcium and oxalate-rich food: Include foods high in calcium (such as milk, yogurt with berries) and prefer foods high in oxalate (like spinach). Calcium and oxalate work together in intestines, and prevent formation of kidney stones.

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2. Water: Hydrate yourself with water. By including extra water in the diet, you can prevent formation of both cystine stones and uric acid stones.

3. Plant-based protein: Plant-based protein sources are encouraged over animal-based protein sources for preventing formation of kidney stones. Lentils, beans and peas can be helpful to prevent kidney stones. Although individual protein rates should be discussed with a doctor as metabolism may vary from person to person.


Opt for plant-based proteins to prevent kidney stones
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4. Fruits: Fruits rich in citric acid can have a positive effect in preventing kidney stones. You can go for fresh fruits, dry fruits and frozen fruits.

5. Vegetables: Fresh veggies (like beetroot and spinach) can help in preventing kidney stone formation. You can combine veggies with calcium-rich foods.

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Foods to avoid for prevention of kidney stones

1. Sodium rich food items like processed and packaged food should be avoided.

2. Animal proteins: This includes eggs, chicken, mutton, fish and certain milk products (like cheese). Make sure you practice portion control while consuming them for preventing kidney stones.

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