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7 Habits That Can Worsen Your Anxiety

Anxiety can make you feel worse. If you are also worried about your anxiety and how to control it, then here are some habits which can make your anxiety worse. Try avoiding these habits to prevent the progression of anxiety.

7 Habits That Can Worsen Your Anxiety

Anxiety: Some common daily habits can make anxiety worse


  1. Certain habits can make your anxiety worse
  2. Sleep deprivation is another factor which can trigger anxiety
  3. Talk to someone and do not stay alone to keep your anxiety under control

While many of you get out of the bed hoping that anxiety would treat you right this time, there are always some habits which stop you from getting rid of it or rather make it worse. These habits amplify the degree to which anxiety increases often resulting in uncontrollable outcomes. You can take charge of making shifts in these habits by knowing more about them. Proper management of these habits can help you stop your anxiety from getting worse.

Habits that can contribute to anxiety

1. Drinking coffee

Even though coffee can be helpful while treating symptoms of uneasiness during low blood pressure situations, it does not help you in treating anxiety. It acts as a stimulant to raise heart rate levels and thus, in the cases of anxiety, it increases the heart rate to such an extent, that it makes the conditions worse which leads to feelings of restlessness and nervousness.

2. Sleeping problems

Think about your sleeping schedule, having issues with sleep or not getting the required amount of sleep might worsen your anxiety. It is researched that not getting the right hours of sleep creates a hormonal imbalance. This can also happen when sleep deprivation acts as a prolonged stress or due to an overload of work as you become unable to concentrate well when you are short of sleep.

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3. Dwelling upon negative emotions

The habit of dwelling upon negative emotions and ruminating about what bad has happened or is about to happen can really be hard to get rid of. But these characteristics serve you no good; thinking positively can help you in eradicating this behaviour. You can try thinking about kinder things for every mean thought you have, which can gradually help you get out of this.

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4. Checking your phone

Constantly keeping a check on your phone or checking social media apps all the time aggravates anxiety symptoms. The reasons why you use your phone can be controversial with the fact that it can harm you mentally and emotionally too. Researchers say, "Social media platforms such as Facebook have been shown to increase symptoms of anxiety and depression in those who use them."

5. Skipping your meals

Many of you approach for foods which might give you relief and a sense of satisfaction during the times when you don't feel so good. Through this, you tend to skip parts of meals which are important for maintaining the right balance in your body. When it gets disturbed, you start to feel worse due to an increase in anxiety levels.

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6. Spending time alone

If you are facing anxiety, it is very important to stay connected to the people who make you feel motivated and keeps you energized most of the times. The habit of spending time alone and not hanging out with people includes a higher risk of anxiety along with depression. Acquiring social supports and being a part of a social gathering has been justified to ease anxiety-related conditions.

7. Having negative self-talk

It is very tough to not have negativity inside of you when the outside world treats you the other way around. Due to social issues like body shaming, you ought to think negatively. However, these thoughts can take a toss, when you start to have confidence in yourself and you begin to change these negative self-talk into positive ones. This habit serves to be the most unfavourable out of all when not changed or altered.

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