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Anxiety: 6 Ways To Support Your Dearest With Anxiety

Anxiety is a serious condition which should not be ignored. It can affect both mental and physical health of a person. If someone around you is suffering from anxiety then here are some ways to help your dear ones.

Anxiety: 6 Ways To Support Your Dearest With Anxiety

Anxiety is a group of disorders which can bring many emotions at the same time


  1. Anxiety can make you feel restless and nauseous
  2. Anxiety can affect one's health in many ways
  3. Anxious people should be given support on time

Anxiety is a strong emotion which can be unhealthy at times. Anxiety leads to feelings of nervousness, worry, fear or tension. This can also lead to a rise in blood pressure levels in some cases. Anxiety can affect both physical and mental health. It can make it difficult for you to complete day to day tasks. Most people ignore the symptoms of anxiety which triggers the condition and make it worse for the patient. Here is everything you need to know about anxiety so that you can help deal with the situation and seek medical help.

How does anxiety feel?

Have you ever felt like your heart is racing by the speed of light and you feel agitation in your stomach? This might be a sign of anxiety.

Some other symptoms of anxiety can be-

1. Headaches and other bodily aches

2. Fast breathing

3. Restlessness

4. Sweating over your head

5. Feeling nauseous

6. Feeling worried

7. Fearing for the worst

8. Overthinking as you feel bad would happen if you won't

9. Worrying about you being more anxious

10. Needing to use the toilet more often

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Anxiety: Symptoms of anxiety should not be ignored to stop it from progressing
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What to say:

You can help a person suffering from anxiety with some simple words which can act as a support for the person. This is a simple way to help someone with anxiety. Some ways can be-

1. Can I help you in any way?

If you are eager to help your loved one from being anxious, ask them if you can assist them in any way. This way, they might feel assured that if they need support or relief, you're there to help!

2. I'm concerned about you being so anxious

When someone attempts to unfold their weaknesses or insecurities to you, they might feel anxious about you judging them for the same. Remember to be a good listener and always encourage them to express their feelings and enlighten them about you being concerned. This would make them feel you understand.

3. I'm always here if you need me

Learn to keep on reassuring people with anxiety that you're just a call away. Try to establish trust in them that this is treatable, if they still feel buried in their thoughts, understand them, and help them go through this time together.

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3. I love you no matter what!

By establishing trust, you should also focus on building love. People, who feel that they are different and isolated from the world, find it hard to get through it. Building love between your relationships can help them believe that they are loved and not alone.

4. I know it must be tough

Believing that their pain exists helps an anxious person to analyse his/her situations better. When you start being kind and comprehend things their way, they feel that you know how they feel and it is not unusual.

5. Your fears are real

Troubles can be easier to sort when you know it is real and you're not imagining things. By letting your loved one suffering from anxiety know that their fears are real, you help them in finding out reasonable solutions for the same in a more efficient and easy way.

6. Take your time

Feeling of running out time can make a person more anxious. Hence, they need to know that they have all the time in the world to get their feelings together. It is important to know that anxiety is not a time-bound emotion.

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If you notice that someone around is suffering from anxiety and it is getting worse then you must help him or her in seeking medical help.

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