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6 Health Tips For Women In Their 40's

Women in their 40s may go through several changes. Ladies, here are some health tips you can follow.

6 Health Tips For Women In Their 40s

Ensure optimum intake of calcium and vitamin D for healthy bones


  1. Regular exercise is beneficial for your overall health
  2. Eat a healthy diet to maintain a healthy weight
  3. Stay stress-free to avoid several diseases

Forties can bring a huge changes in women in 40s. The hormones go a little haywire and result in weird effects on mood as well as overall health. Taking care of your health should be of utmost importance. Several diet and lifestyle changes are recommended to ensure optimum health in the forties. So, following are the tips for all the ladies to stay in top shape and lead a healthy life. Dr. Rajeshwari Pawar, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at Motherhood Hospital shares some steps that every woman must follow.

Health tips for women in their 40s

1. Follow a well-balanced diet

Eat fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains. Avoid eating spicy, oily, junk, and processed foods. Limit your alcohol consumption. Smoking should be avoided at any age and not just in the forties.


Ensure a healthy diet for optimum intake of nutrients
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2. Exercise daily

Stay physically active with regular exercises of your choice. Some of the best options are zumba, walking, aerobics, swimming, jogging or others. This will help improve the quality of life and stay disease-free.

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3. Don't skip the tests

Even though you are exercising and taking care of your diet, it is still important to go for a health check to make sure that all your organs are functioning properly. Some common tests are blood pressure, thyroid, blood glucose, and cholesterol levels. You should also go for regular eye exams, skin check, dental check-up, mammograms and pelvic exam.

4. Keep your bones and muscles strong

Women may suffer from osteopenia (weakening of the bone but still within normal limits) and osteoporosis (loss of the bone strength to pathological levels). These conditions in later life can lead to fractures. To avoid any complications, it is very important to ensure regular intake of calcium. After menopause, women are at even higher risk for this condition. So, stick to a healthy diet, high in calcium and vitamin D, and do regular weight-bearing exercise, including strength training to keep osteoporosis at bay.

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5. Stay stress-free

You may be stressed out owing to handling work, family and other commitments. Managing everything at the same time can stress you out. Stress is linked with multiple health issues. You can try relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation that can calm you down and help your de-stress.


Try meditation to reduce stress
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6. Be aware of your family history

You should know about the diseases and conditions prevailing in your family. This can be a precautionary step that can help you keep many fatal conditions at bay. Furthermore, you will have to share the history with your children.

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(Dr. Rajeshwari Pawar, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Motherhood Hospital, Kharadi, Pune)

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