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Skincare: Follow These Expert Recommended Tips For Healthy Skin This Winter

Skincare tips: Dry skin is a common condition during the winter season. Flaky, dry skin is a not so pleasing experience. Here are some skincare tips straight from expert that can help you maintain a healthy skin in winters.

Skincare: Follow These Expert Recommended Tips For Healthy Skin This Winter

Skincare tips:


  1. Switch to oil based moisturiser with the onset of winters
  2. Use a chemical free lip balm for healthy lips
  3. Do not forget to drink enough water for healthy hair and skin

The harsh cold winds, dry air and low temperature make your skin dry. You may experience many skin issues during the winter season. But the most common is dry skin. If not treated well, it further leads to cuts and flakes. Hot showers and reduced water intake aggregate the situation. Those who have dry skin, may not like the winter season as their skin may become a little extra dry. Therefore, it becomes essential to upgrade your skincare routine during the winter season. A change in skincare routine and the products you use can help fight and prevent dry skin effectively.

Skincare tips: Tips to follow this winter season

Harsh cold winds can be unkind to your skin. The following head to toe skincare tips from Dr. Navya Handa can help handle winter better:

1. Do not skip moisturiser

Generously use of a moisturiser on all parts of the body after a bath with lukewarm water. Much as a very hot water shower is enjoyable, it drains out the natural oils of the skin. Therefore, avoid using water t extreme temperatures.


Apply moisturiser regularly in winters to prevent dryness
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2. Fight dandruff with oil massage

Dandruff is a common problem during the winter season. Dry scalp leads to dandruff. Maintain scalp hygiene by a weekly hot coconut oil massage followed by a gentle shampoo. If you are experiencing severe dandruff, consult your dermatologist to know which products to use.

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3. Do not neglect hands and lips

Hands and lips require extra care during cold weather. Use moisturising cream at least three times a day and before bedtime. Ankles, heels and feet though covered in socks most of the day too need attention. Apply a lip balm whenever needed.


Use a lip balm frequently to prevent chapped lips
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4. Hydrate the skin well by drinking enough water throughout the day.

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5. A generous serving of winter greens, carrots, citrus fruits and also a brisk half an hour walk will surely add glow to your skin.

(Dr. Navya Handa, Consultant, Dermatology & Cosmetology, Max Super Speciality Hospital, Shalimar Bagh)

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