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Skincare Tips: 7 Ways To Take Care Of The Delicate Skin Around Your Eyes

Skincare tips: The skin around the eye needs extra care and attention. It is more prone to sings of ageing and puffiness. Here are some tips you can follow to take care of your skin around the eyes.

Skincare Tips: 7 Ways To Take Care Of The Delicate Skin Around Your Eyes

Skincare tips: You should properly moisturise your skin under the eyes


  1. A healthy diet can help boost skin health
  2. It is important to use products according to your skin type
  3. Use glasses if recommended by your doctor

While taking care of your skin, you need to give some extra attention to the skin around your eyes. The skin around the eyes is delicate and thin compared to the rest of the face. Puffiness, dark circles and fine lines are some signs that affect your eyes. The early signs of ageing also affect the skin around the eyes. There are several products available that are specially meant for the skin under your eyes. But many are not aware of the steps to be followed to fight these issues linked with your eyes. Several factors like exposure to UV light, unhealthy lifestyle, stress or genes may negatively affect the skin around your eyes. If you are wondering what to do for healthy skin under and around the eyes, here are some tips that might help.

Skincare tips: Taking care of skin around the eyes

1. Moisturise

Moisturisation is an important skincare step. It is essential for the skin around the eyes as well. You can choose a moisturiser according to your skin type which does not lead to any kind of irritation in the eyes. You should choose an eye cream that suits your skin type.


Skincare: Use of moisturiser can help provide right nourishment to your skin
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2. Give your eyes a break

Your eyes are constantly working throughout the day. The use of gadgets with blue light leads to extra tiredness. Avoid using mobile phones for many hours before going to bed. Also, avoid the use of gadgets with light through the day as much as possible.

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3. Protect from sun damage

Exposure to harmful UV rays is harmful to your skin. It can affect your eyes too. Apply sunscreen properly on your face. Also, wearing sunglasses can help you protect your eyes as well as the skin around them.

4. Use home remedies

There are several remedies that can help you reduce puffiness and dark circles. Some of these include use of frozen tea bags or col spoons. One of the popular home remedies is placing cucumber slices on your eyes. It is also a simple and relaxing practice you can try.

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5. Be gentle

The skin around your eyes is very delicate and thin. While following other steps of your skincare routine or applying makeup, be gentle with this particular area.

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