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What Causes Dark Circles? Dermatologist Shares 7 Possible Reasons And Tips For Prevention

Skincare tips: Several under eye creams are available to control dark circles. But to fight these effectively you need to know exact cause behind it. Here some possible reasons you need to know.

What Causes Dark Circles? Dermatologist Shares 7 Possible Reasons And Tips For Prevention

Several medical conditions can lead to dark circles


  1. Discoloration of the skin under the eye is referred as dark circles
  2. Give you r eyes enough rest to prevent dark circles
  3. Several home remedies can help you control dark circles

The skin around the eyes is very delicate. Dark circles are a problem many face. It can affect your overall appearance and make you look tired all the time. Many try home remedies and under-eye creams available in the market to fight these and fail to understand the root cause. To control this skin problem effectively you must know the causes behind it. Dr. Sirisha Singh who is a dermatologist explains various reasons that can lead to dark circles and ways to fight these.

Skincare: What leads to dark circles?

1. The skin around the eyes is particularly thin and more prone to ageing and the damaging effects of UV light. Dark circles can be due to pigmentation of the skin, dilation of blood vessels which makes the skin appear dark or due to volume loss due to ageing of the skin. Exposure to UV rays may lead to pigmentation. So, use a good sunscreen regularly.


Use sunscreen daily to prevent dark circles
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2. Genetic factors or nutritional deficiencies can also contribute to pigmentation. You should check for iron deficiency (add iron-rich foods to your diet). Iron supplements may also be a good option but you should consult an expert before adding these to your diet. Dehydration is another cause of dark circles.

3. Thyroid dysfunction can also cause pigmentation. This condition should be diagnosed and treated on time.

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4. Allergies or medications can cause the vessels to dilate. This is quite common in people with hypertension, diabetes or heart diseases. Essential medications to fight these allergies and conditions cannot be avoided.

5. Under the skin, there are pockets of fat. These fat pockets are usually well compartmentalised. Due to sudden weight loss, these fat compartments melt. The result is a groove under the skin called a tear trough. This gives the appearance of dark circles when looked carefully. Avoid sudden and extreme weight loss to prevent this. A healthy lifestyle and a nutritious diet can help you maintain a healthy weight as well as promote skin health.

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6. Fatigue is a common cause of dark circles. Lack of sleep can lead to dark circles as it makes your skin dull and pale.

7. Too much exposure to screens leads to strain in the eyes. It can cause blood vessels around the eyes to enlarge and darken the skin.

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You should follow a healthy skincare routine to prevent dark circles. If these are linked with the above mentioned health issues, you must seek medical help. If fatigue or poor lifestyle is the cause you must make necessary changes immediately. In such a situation you can also try home remedies like cucumber, tea bags, rose water and aloe vera.

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