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Skin Pigmentation: 4 Expert-Recommended Tips From Dermatologist And Home Remedies That Can Reduce Dark Patches On Skin

Skin pigmentation home remedies: Dark patches on skin is a very common skin condition and can be dealt with, with the help of proper care and home remedies. Read here to know what dermatologist Dr Kiran Lohia recommends for skin pigmentation.

Skin Pigmentation: 4 Expert-Recommended Tips From Dermatologist And Home Remedies That Can Reduce Dark Patches On Skin

Skin pigmentation can be caused by exposure to the sun


  1. Apply 2 tbsp of sunscreen every day to prevent skin pigmentation
  2. Aloe vera gel is an effective remedy for pigmented skin
  3. You can also try milk to reduce dark patches on skin

Skin pigmentation: Pigmentation refers to colouring of the skin. Ageing is one of the most common causes of skin pigmentation. Inflammation, damage caused to skin because ultraviolet rays of the sun, skin injuries and acne are other causes of skin pigmentation. In one of her recent posts on Instagram, dermatologist Dr Kiran Lohia clarifies that pigmentation is not a disease. It is simply dark patches on the skin, which can be dealt with, with a few tips and tricks. Read below to know more about pigmentation and how you can deal with it.

Skin pigmentation: Tips from dermatologist Dr Kiran Lohia to deal with it

"Majority of skin pigmentation is worsened by exposure to the sun," says Dr Kiran in her post. Thus, wearing sunscreen every day is one of the most important skin care tips to prevent pigmentation on skin.

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1. You should apply 2 tbsp of sunscreen on your skin every day. This is irrespective of you being outdoors only at night, etc. And don't worry about sunscreen being too oily. It will take time but it will absorb on your skin eventually. Re-application of sunscreen should be done in every 4 hours, recommends Dr Kiran. "This is the most important step towards preventing and treating skin pigmentation," says Dr Kiran.


Wear sunscreen every day to prevent skin pigmentation
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2. You can also resort to oral supplements like Vitamin C or glutathione. These can internally boost your skin's resilience to the sun.

3. Ingredients like alpha hydroxy acid are excellent for reducing pigmentation effectively.

4. If you feel your pigmentation is too serious and is not going away despite the home remedies that you have tried, do visit a dermatologist to get it clinically checked and treated. They can help you with a targeted approach for preventing and treating pigmentation- which is a very common skin condition.

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Home remedies for skin pigmentation

In her video, Dr Kiran stresses numerous times that skin pigmentation is a very common problem. And while the aforementioned tips can help you, there are some home remedies which you can try as well.

1. Aloe vera gel: You can apply aloe vera gel to areas of skin affected by skin pigmentation, before bedtime. Repeat it daily until you get desired results.

2. Black tea water: Soak a cotton ball in black tea water and apply it on your pigmented skin, 2 times in a day. Try this for a few weeks and see if it gives good results.

3. Milk: Lactic acid in milk and milk products can prove to be effective in reducing skin pigmentation. Soak cotton ball in milk and dab it on pigmented skin. Repeat it twice a day every day until you get desired results.


Milk can prove to be an effective home remedy for skin pigmentation
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4. Apple cider vinegar (ACV): Acetic acid in apple cider vinegar can lighten skin pigmentation and treat it effectively. Add water and apple cider (equal portions) in a glass. Apply the mixture in dark patches of skin and leave it for 2-3 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water. Do a patch test on small part of the skin to see if ACV suits you.

5. Red onion: Dried skin of onions can lighten skin and reduce pigmentation. Look for products containing extract of red onion and apply them on your skin. Patch test beforehand is recommended.

(Dr Kiran Lohiya is a dermatologist at Isya Aesthetics)

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