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Skincare Tips: Tomato May Help You Bid Farewell To Fight Skin Woes; Here Are Few Simple Ways To Use It For Different Skin Problems

Best Skincare tips: Struggling with skin issues? You can try some powerful home remedies to fight skin issues. Tomato is an effective remedy you can try. It contains many properties beneficial for skin. Here are some simple ways to use tomato for skin.

Skincare Tips: Tomato May Help You Bid Farewell To Fight Skin Woes; Here Are Few Simple Ways To Use It For Different Skin Problems

Skincare Tips: You can fight multiple skin problems with tomato


  1. Skin issues can affect both males and females
  2. Tomato is a powerful home remedy for skin issues
  3. You can apply tomato on your to fight skin issues

Skincare: Skin issues can affect anyone. If you are also struggling with skin issues you need to try some home remedies for effective results. Many effective home remedies can help you fight skin problems naturally. Tomato is a common ingredient that is present in almost every kitchen. It is loaded with properties that can help you improve your skin health. From tanning to acne and dark spots tomato can be your one-stop solution to many skin problems. If you also want to upgrade your skincare routine then simply add tomato to it. Here are some properties of tomato which are beneficial for skin. Also, know different ways to use tomato for skin.

Skin Care tips: How tomato is beneficial for skin?

Dermatologist, Dr. Manmohan Lohra explains the properties of tomato beneficial for skin. Tomato being one of the richest sources of Lycopene along with Vitamin C, Vitamin A which are potent antioxidants helps in improving skin by-

1. Improving tolerance to the UV light which reduces the chances of darkening, aging of skin in sunlight and also helps in preventing skin cancer.

2. Vitamin C is important for Collagen production so tomatoes are important to prevent sagging of skin

3. When used as a paste mixed with other citrus fruits/vegetables on skin as a mask it can act as an exfoliant which helps in brighter, clearer and toned skin, usage of sunscreen is mandatory post exfoliating to prevent damage to nascent skin.

To get maximum benefits from tomatoes it should be consumed after heating it as it improves absorption of Lycopene in the system.


Skincare tips: Tomato paste can be added to face packs to fight skin issues
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Simple ways to use tomato for skin

1. Tomato and aloe vera for skin

You can mix aloe vera with tomato juice to fight skin issues. Bith tomato and aloe vera, when combined, can work wonders for your skin. You can extract some fresh aloe vera gel and mix it with tomato juice. Apply this mixture on clean face and leave it for some time. Later wash your wash properly with water.


Skincare tips: Combing tomato with aloe vera with tomato juice can work wonders for skin
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2. Tomato face pack

Besan (gram flour) is widely used for skin. It helps prepare face packs and also provides you skin benefits. Make a fine paste of fresh tomato and add besan to it to make a paste. Apply this paste as a face pack and leave it for some time. You can also add a pinch of turmeric or sandalwood powder to it.

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(Dr. Manmohan Lohra, Principal Consultant - Dermatology, Max Hospital, Gurgaon)

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