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Skin Care: Follow These Expert Tips To Prevent Dry Hands In Winters

Skincare: During the winter season you are likely to experience dry skin. Here are some tips straight from dermatologist that can help you say goodbye to dry hands in winters.

Skin Care: Follow These Expert Tips To Prevent Dry Hands In Winters

Skincare: Do not forget to moisturise your hands frequently to prevent dryness


  1. Dry skin can is a common condition during the winter season
  2. Keep your skin moisturised during winters
  3. Your hands may become dry frequently when not moisturised frequently

During the winter season, your skin becomes dry and flaky. Not just your faces, your hands too become dry. There are several factors which can trigger skin dryness during the winter season. Some of these are- reduced moisture in the air, inadequate water consumption, extended hot shower, dry and harsh winds and much more. During such times when you have to wash your hands frequently, this dryness may become severe with a drop in temperature. Therefore, it becomes essential to take care of your hands in winters. A few simple steps can help you fight and prevent dry hands. Here are some of these simple steps you can follow.

Skincare: Follow these ways to deal with dry hands in winters

Winter season can turn your soft and supple hands into dry and rough. Washing of hands with cold with water and humidity in the air can sap the natural oils from your skin. A few tips which you can follow to prevent your hands from turning dry and rough during this harsh winter season are-

1. Moisturise

The importance of moisturising your hands in winters cannot be stressed enough. Your skin becomes thirsty during harsh water season and it needs a lot of moisturisation and just drinking water won't replace that. Opt for a thick cream instead of a body lotion and moisturise your hands multiple times a day. Invest in hand creams which have ingredients like shea butter, cocoa, beeswax and dimethicone.

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2. Avoid hot water

While washing your hands, avoid using too hot water since it can pull moisture from your hands. Instead, use lukewarm water or normal temperature water. Another tip that can come handy is that after washing your hands, instead of completely drying it off with a towel, pat it dry and leave a little water there so that when you apply a moisturiser it will lock the moisture in your skin.


Avoid using water at extreme temperatures for hand washing
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3. Exfoliation

Exfoliation helps in treating dull and damaged skin. You can do the exfoliation at home by using a pumice stone or by mixing granulated sugar, lemon and honey which is good DIY for treating dry hands.

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4. Avoid soaps with chemicals

Soaps can snatch the oil from your skin. Instead, you can opt for mild or fragrance-free soap or an alternative which can help you to keep your hands moisturised. Avoid soaps with colour or chemicals.

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Also ensure optimum water intake during the winter season and keep our skin moisturised all time.

(Dr. Mikki Singh is a Cosmetic Dermatologist, Cosmetologist and Trichologist and Head of Bodycraft clinic at Indiranagar)

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