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Monsoon Skincare: 5 Tips By Expert To Curb Excess Sweat And Prevent Rashes And Infections

Monsoon skincare: Excessive sweat can cause itchiness, rashes and fungal infections. Wear comfortable cotton clothes and wash away the sweat with cold water regularly. Read here to know more effective tips.

Monsoon Skincare: 5 Tips By Expert To Curb Excess Sweat And Prevent Rashes And Infections

Monsoon skincare: Do not stay in sweaty clothes for too long during the rainy season


  1. Fungal infections tend to grow in hot, moist and dark conditions
  2. Frequently wash ares of the skin affected by sweat
  3. Do not stay in sweaty clothes for too long

Believe it or not, the rainy season come with its set of extra skin troubles. People with oily skin may end up feeling too sticky or greasy. Fungal infections, rashes, itchiness, excessive sweating, pigmentation and allergies are common skin problems that arise during monsoon. Excessive sweating is primarily the reason one gets heat rashes and fungal infections, says dermatologist Dr Kiran Lohia, in one of her recent posts on Instagram. In her post, she talks about different ways that can help you sweat less, and also what you can do to improve your skin condition.

Monsoon skincare: How to prevent rashes and infections

The Delhi-based dermatologist recommends the following tips to get less sweat and reduce rashes, itchiness and fungal infections during the rainy season.

1. Dr Lohia recommends wearing comfortable clothes during this season. Prefer the airy cotton fabric and avoid wearing clothes that are too tight.

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2. The moment you get sweaty, change your clothes. Take a shower if possible. Changing clothes quickly is important because the longer you stay sweat or in sweaty clothes, the longer your sweat glands get obstructed. This increases their likelihood of getting infected and ultimately end up giving you a heat rash.

3. Some people may even end up getting little boils on their skin during this season. In this case, Dr Lohia recommends using an antiseptic body wash B Prox wash, which can help in cleansing the affected area.

4. Every time you sweat, make sure you wash the area. Not doing this can be troublesome for your skin.


Wash your face regularly if you get too sweaty
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5. Fungal infections tend to grow in hot, moist and dark conditions, Dr Lohia informs. So, work towards keep the affected areas of the skin dry and avoid using commercial talcum powders.

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DIY talcum powder

Instead of using commercial talcum powders, you can make your own talcum powder at home to reduce extra sweat and itchiness. To make this powder, you need cornstarch (3/4 cup), multani mitti (1/4 cup), crushed chamomile leaves (1 tsp) and crushed neem leaves (1 tsp).

Mix all the ingredients and grind them into a fine powder. Apply to the sweating areas liberally, recommends Dr Lohia. "Cornstarch will soak up the excess sweat. Multani mitti absorbs excess sebum in the area, chamomile leaves will have a calming effect, and neem is antiseptic," informs Dr Lohia.

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(Dr Kiran Lohiya is a dermatologist at Isya Aesthetics)

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