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Ice For Face: Dermatologist Explains The Benefits Of Ice Facial; Know How To Do It

Ice for skin: Applications for ice can help you fight several skin problems. This procedure can help you get healthy and glowing skin. Read here to know straight from expert method to use ice for skin and its benefits.

Ice For Face: Dermatologist Explains The Benefits Of Ice Facial; Know How To Do It

Ice for skin: Applying ice on skin can help reduce inflammation


  1. Ice can help you reduce acne
  2. You can use ice regularly for your skin
  3. This method can help reduce puffiness under the eyes

Healthy and glowing skin requires a healthy diet, lifestyle and skincare routine. You might have come across different skincare trends and home remedies. Many of these fail to give you effective results while others work wonders for your skin. One of these is using ice for skin. Skin icing is free which can offer several benefits. It can help reduce puffiness, soothe sunburn and control oil production, signs of ageing, swelling and inflammation. It is one of the simplest steps that you can do to boost your skin health. To understand how effective cold facial is, we spoke to Dr. Sirisha Singh who is a dermatologist. She also explained the method to use ice for face.

Ice for skin: Know how to use and benefits

Dr. Singh explains "Ice facial is a fairly new addition to the long list of facials that have hit the consumers. Whether this particular facial will stand the test of time and prove to be beneficial or will fade away as a fad is yet to be known. In terms of pure science, there is little evidence that it is beneficial."


Skincare: Ice can help you reduce puffiness
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How to use ice for skin

Ice cubes can be wrapped up in a soft cloth and rubbed all over the skin. The procedure can be carried out several times a day. Immediately after the procedure, there is a sensation of wellness, the skin feels cool and glows. Any soreness on the face reduces and the appearance of pores is reduced.

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The effect of the facial can be further enhanced by using ice cubes that have some aloe vera or green tea. This helps soothe the skin further and the green tea help reduces puffiness under the eyes. When doing the facial at home, one must be careful to not apply the ice for a long time in any one part. This could result in an ice burn which in Indian skin heals with pigmentation.


You can add aloe vera gel to ice cubes to use for skin
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Other benefits of ice for skin

The advantages are- it is very easy to do, inexpensive, safe and can be done several times a day. It can be a fantastic pre-party prep for the skin to get a rosy glow. It can also help reduce open pores and reduce the appearance of flaky skin usually caused by using too much make-up. The cold helps to reduce blood supply and hence cuts down swelling and inflammation of the skin. It can also help to reduce puffiness under the eyes although the benefit is temporary.

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