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Skincare Tips: Understanding The Importance Of Exfoliation For Your Skin

Skincare tips: Exfoliation can help you fight several skin issues. It can also help your skin absorb skincare products absorb better. Read here to know how.

Skincare Tips: Understanding The Importance Of Exfoliation For Your Skin

Skincare tips: Exfoliation can help you prevent acne


  1. Exfoliation unclogs your skin pores
  2. Removal of dead skin cells can help you get a glowing skin
  3. A face scrub can help you exfoliate your skin

Exfoliation should be an important part of your skincare routine. It is advised to practice exfoliation regularly. It is a process that involves the removal of dead skin cells. There are multiple benefits exfoliation can offer to your skin including- improved texture, controlled signs of ageing, reduces acne and gives you glowing skin. If you have oily skin, you may require exfoliation more often than those with dry skin. You must know that this skincare practice can help in better moisturisation and make your other skincare products work wonderfully. Read here to know how it works.

Skincare tips: Importance of exfoliation for skin moisturisation

Exfoliation helps in unclogging skin pores. Dust, pollutants, unwanted particles, as well as your makeup, can deposit inside your skin pores and leading to clogged pores. These can lead to acne, dry patches, wrinkles and make your skin look dull. These can also contribute to blackheads.

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Exfoliation can help you get rid of dead skin cells
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Exfoliation helps in removing these deposits. Unclogged pores allow moisturiser and other skin products better into your skin. Therefore, to reap the maximum benefits of multiple skincare products you use try exfoliating your skin regularly.

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How to exfoliate at home?

You can try preparing your own scrub at home for exfoliation. You can make a coffee scrub or a brown sugar scrub with some simple steps at home. Take coffee granules/ brown sugar, mix few drops of essential oil of your choice and some coconuts oil. Take quantities accordingly to get a scrub like texture.


Skincare: You can prepare a scrub at home with some simple ingredients
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You should not exfoliate your skin daily. It is usually advised to scrub twice or thrice a week. But if you have sensitive or dry skin, you can exfoliate once a week.

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