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7 Things Women Secretly Wish Men Knew About Pregnancy

Did you know? Pregnant women appreciate everything that their men do for them. Read all what women want their men to know during pregnancy.

7 Things Women Secretly Wish Men Knew About Pregnancy

Men should be careful with sexual expectations during pregnancy


  1. Pregnancy hormones are said to be far worse than puberty hormones
  2. There hormonal changes and stress are responsible for pregnancy brain
  3. Women appreciate everything that men do for them during pregnancy

Pregnancy is altogether a new and different chapter in people's life. Partners tend to experience feelings about each other which they probably didn't even think they would go through. They know that once the baby arrives, their lives are going to change forever and there's nothing that they can do to bring it back to normal. And while the male partner tries to be supportive of their female counterparts, there are times during pregnancy when women wish men knew much more than they already do.

So here are a few things which women secretly wish men knew about pregnancy:

1. It's not them, it's the hormones

Pregnancy hormones are said to be far worse than puberty hormones. The first and foremost thing is that human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) multiplies throughout the 9 months of pregnancy. The estrogen levels in women rise during pregnancy because they trigger the development of milk duct. This helps women to start producing breast milk effectively. Lastly, progesterone levels also rise to facilitate healthy growth of the baby. So, women want to be given the benefit of doubt and treated with much more patience than other times.

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2. Pregnant women worry about everything

No matter the number of books on pregnancy they read or the movies they watch, pregnant women will always be worried about childbirth, the well-being of their baby, its health, its nutritional needs etc. Additionally, the first few months after child birth are really taxing and the greatest help for women is to have a shoulder to cry on and a pillar of support they can always rely on. Women always want men to always meet these demands.

3. Pregnant women are not disabled

Even though physical help becomes imperative when the baby bump grows, women never want to feel that they are disabled, weak or fragile. And instead of being coddled, being cuddled is what pregnant women really want and need.

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4. Pregnancy brain is as real as it could get

Multiple hormonal changes, inability to sleep and the stressful state of mind during pregnancy is actually responsible for what we call the pregnancy brain. Forgetting things too easily is the most common tendency during pregnancy. Hence, men need to keep an eye on their women at all times.

5. "We" are not pregnant, only I am pregnant

It might be the most adorable thing for men to utter "we're pregnant!" But the literal truth is that only women are the ones who are really pregnant, going through all those drastic changes in the body. From larger breasts to swollen feet and peeing after every 5 minutes, there are many things that (only) women go through during pregnancy.

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6. Men should be careful with sexual expectations during pregnancy

Sex during pregnancy is way different than sex at other times. Not only do women look different in their old lingerie, they also have a baby bump which will constantly come in between while trying different positions during intercourse. Moreover, sex after childbirth might be kept aside for at least 6 weeks, especially after a vaginal childbirth. So men should keep their sexual expectations at bay during and after pregnancy.

7. Women appreciate everything that men do

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Even if they don't show, women secretly fall more in love with their caring and loving partners throughout their pregnancy. They understand that managing neurotic mothers-to-be like themselves is no piece of cake. And if that's handled well, handling the post-baby time is going to be much easier. 


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