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Which Is A Safe Sex Position During Pregnancy?

While it is perfectly safe to have sex during pregnancy, women do have many doubts about it. Here are some positions which will help you have a great sexual experience during pregnancy.

Which Is A Safe Sex Position During Pregnancy?

Comfortable positions for women to have sex during pregnancy


  1. Estrogen boosts blood flow in uterus during pregnancy
  2. Women must feel comfortable while having intercourse during pregnancy
  3. The key to good sex during pregnancy is communication

Pregnant women tend to experience a rise in their estrogen and progesterone levels, which boosts their libido. It is particularly estrogen, that boosts blood flow in the uterus during pregnancy, increases vaginal lubrication and heightens sensitivity in breasts. However, there are always doubts about sex being safe during pregnancy that make many women refrain from having sex. Some women often experience bleeding during intercourse in the first trimester and experts say that it is a completely normal phenomenon. As long as there are no complications in the pregnancy, having sex during pregnancy is safe and normal, say experts.

However, getting a grasp of the comfortable positions during pregnancy is important for pregnant women. Following are a few positions that can help you have safe and comfortable sex during pregnancy:

Woman on top

When the woman is on top, it puts no pressure on her belly, and she can control the speed and depth of penetration at the same time. Alternatively you can also try the reverse cowgirl position by making him lie on the bed and you facing his feet.

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Spooning is considered one of the safest positions during pregnancy. The position requires the couple lie on their side, like two spoons. The man curls behind the woman and the woman can wrap her legs on the outside of his legs. This even gives space for foreplay before penetration.

Edge of a bed

The woman lies on the edge of a bed with her knees bent and feet on the edge. The man stands facing the woman. It is more like the basic missionary, the only difference is that he won't be resting his body weight on you.

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Missionary side-by-side

This position is more like spooning, only with the couple facing each other. The man can put his leg over the woman's (her leg can be either straight, to the side or bent at the knee) and enter her from an angle. But to facilitate penetration, the man should be a bit lower than the woman.

Rear entry

Popularly known as 'doggy style', this position is quite popular among pregnant couples. Entry from behind allows the possibility for numerous other positions, while the woman can also be comfortable. The couple can also try the leapfrog position, where they are resting on their knees. During later stages of pregnancy, the belly can be placed on pillows for more support. Also, making the man hold a pillow between the woman's bottom and his lower tummy will prevent the man from pushing deep inside the woman.

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However, the key to having great sex during pregnancy is good communication. Women must communicate to their partners about their comfort levels while having intercourse. At times, greater intimacy and an even better foreplay can give you convincing physical satisfaction.


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