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Planning Pregnancy? Here Are The 5 Things You Need To Keep In Mind

If you are planning pregnancy, make sure you get a health check up done before hand. Read here to know more tips from our expert.

Planning Pregnancy? Here Are The 5 Things You Need To Keep In Mind

Quit smoking and drinking if you are planning to get pregnant


  1. Be sure that you are ready to become parents
  2. Prepare yourself for pregnancy and lose weight if required
  3. Be aware of your menstrual cycle

Planning pregnancy may not come easy for some couples. They may need to see a fertility doctor to help things out. As a fertility physician, I find it fascinating that even today couples come in to the clinic without even the basic idea of how does pregnancy happen. Or what may help them conceive faster. I hope that this article may help you out where I am sharing some of my tips for couples seeking to start a family in near future.

Tips for couples planning pregnancy

1. Be sure that you are ready to become parents. It is not as easy as it may sound. So many couples come and say that they are not really trying seriously. I tell them be sure. For if you are seriously trying and still not getting pregnant you would need medical attention sooner.

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2. Get a preconception check-up done. This could be scheduled with the family physician too. Some basic health tips, some simple blood tests to check the thyroid and sugar levels and a detailed discussion regarding past medical history and the menstrual cycle history is carried out during this visit. Post this meeting, most couples are also clear about their reproductive facts. It is wise to start prenatal vitamins at this stage.

3. Prepare yourself for the pregnancy. Quit smoking and drinking alcohol. Even obesity is associated with poorer obstetrical outcomes. This is the right time to take control of the body, exercise, initiate positive lifestyle changes and start the healthy diet that you were always planning to.


Lose weight before planning pregnancy, if needed
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4. Be aware of the monthly cycle. Most women have regular cycles. But some of you may have irregular cycles. The cycle is a reasonable representation of the ovulation pattern of the person. Usually in a 28 days cycle, the egg is ready by the 14th day of the cycle and that is the best time for conception to occur. For women with longer cycles, it takes longer for the egg to be ready. They need guidance to plan out their fertile window and try accordingly.

5. Have a clear understanding of the role that intercourse has in pregnancy. This is a tricky one. While it is understood that sex is a prerequisite for natural conception, there are numerous myths surrounding this. Sex allows for deposition of semen into the reproductive tract of the female partner from where the motile sperms swim into the uterus towards the fallopian tube where the egg lies in wait after ovulation occurs. So, sex any time around time of ovulation Is good enough as the sperms can survive for close to three days in the reproductive tract of the female partner.

However, as sex has a role in fostering a loving relationship between partners please do not look at ex as a baby making technique alone. Being together twice a week works best. It covers the full week and takes care of the stress of trying only in times when you want to get pregnant.

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Another point is the effect of position of successful sex. Please understand we need to have intercourse. Not gymnastics. Sperm entry into the uterus is a near certainly in all sexual positions. There is no need to choose any one position over other. It does make sense to keep lying for 10 -15 mins after the intercourse is over so as to avoid regurgitating the semen out. Most importantly enjoy what you are doing and do not make this a mechanical affair. We discourage the use of lubricants as they may affect sperm motility.

If in case there is still no good news after 4-6 months of trying like this, then it is sensible to seek a specialist opinion. For couples in their mid-thirties or who have had pelvic surgeries or infections in the past, they should seek medical advice earlier.

(Dr Rohit Gutgutia, Medical Director, Nova IVI, Kolkata)

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