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7 Foods You Must Avoid During Pregnancy

Some foods can be harmful to you during pregnancy, avoid them now!

7 Foods You Must Avoid During Pregnancy

These 7 foods can be harmful for you during pregnancy


  1. Raw fish dishes like sushi should be avoided during pregnancy
  2. Caffeine obstructs growth of the fetus and may result in low birth weight
  3. Alcohol during pregnancy increases the risk of miscarriage

One of the most important phases of a woman's life is pregnancy. A lot of things undergo change during this time - not just your body but also your thoughts, your priorities, lifestyle choices etc. Those nine months are when you are not alone; your little bundle of joy is growing within you. Therefore you must take extra care during this period, especially when it comes to your diet. Although food nourishes you and the baby but potentially harmful foods pose health risks not just to but to your baby as well. So prepare yourself for this journey and acquaint yourself with all those things that you must avoid to ensure goof health not just for the baby but for yourself too.

So here we list 7 foods which you must avoid during pregnancy.

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1. High-mercury fish

Mercury is extremely toxic. General populous is also suggested to refrain from fish which contain mercury. So it is needless to explain why mums-to-be should refrain from consumption. Pregnant women must not consume more than one or two servings of such fish in a month. These fish include shark, tuna, king mackerel, and swordfish. But other forms of fish which are low in mercury are an important source of omega 3 fatty acids for the baby. According to gynecologist, Dr Ragini Agrawal, "Raw fish should also be avoided. Sushi should be completely avoided during pregnancy."


Tuna can be harmful during pregnancy
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2. Caffeine

Caffeine is found in coffee, energy drinks, soft drinks, etc. This psychoactive substance is consumed by a large chunk of the world population. But caffeine is not recommended for pregnant women in excess quantities. Caffeine is easily absorbed and passes through the placenta and the fetus. This obstructs the growth of the fetus and may result in low birth weight.

Caffeine consumption can be harmful during pregnancy
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3. Processed junk food

Dr. Agrawal says, "Pregnant women must not consume processed foods which contain refined flour, popularly known as maida. Foods which contain preservatives, extra artificial vitamins and are fried should be avoided."

junk food

Processed junk food can be harmful during pregnancy
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4. Packaged fruits and salads

Dr. Agrawal says that packaged fruits and salads are not safe for pregnant women. This is because these foods contain artificial additives and preservatives which increase their shelf-life but do not make them any healthy for consumption by pregnant women. It can have a direct negative impact on the baby's health.


Packaged salads can be harmful during pregnancy
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5. Raw eggs

Raw eggs contain salmonella. This can lead to infections which show symptoms only in the mother. Symptoms may include abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, fever, etc. But rarely does it happen when this can trigger uterus cramps leading to premature labor or stillbirth. Foods which contain raw or undercooked eggs are ice creams, poached eggs, mayonnaise, salad dressings, cake icing, etc.

eggs generic

Raw eggs can be harmful during pregnancy
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6. Raw sprouts

Sprouts are healthy, but the raw version is not healthy for pregnant women. The raw version of sprouts can be contaminated with salmonella. In Sprouts, salmonella can sweep into the seeds which cannot be washed off. This is removed after cooking. So, pregnant women can consume sprouts safely but only when they are cooked.

Raw sprouts can be harmful during pregnancy
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7. Alcohol

Alcohol is a big "no-no" for pregnant women. Alcohol during pregnancy increases the risk of miscarriage. So, this one should not be consumed even in moderation. It can hamper your baby's brain development.


Alcohol can be harmful during pregnancy
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(Dr Ragini Agrawal is the head a Senior Gynecologist at W Pratiksha Hospital)

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