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This One Yoga Asana Is All You Need To Do For Stronger Legs And Leaner Appearance

Weak legs can result in your inner thigh getting stiff and nearly immobile. Read here to know about this one yoga asana which can give you stronger legs and a lean appearance.

This One Yoga Asana Is All You Need To Do For Stronger Legs And Leaner Appearance

Suptapadanghusthasana can strengthen your legs


  1. Weak legs can make women flare off from the sides
  2. It results in huge belly in men
  3. One simple yoga asana can help you have strong legs

As you grow up, you begin to have much weaker legs. As a result of weak legs, your inner thigh gets stiff and nearly immobile. This is the reason why many women start flaring off from the sides and men have a huge front-falling belly. Raising awareness about this is celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar who recently went live on Facebook to talk about a yoga asana which can help in strengthening legs, improve posture and much more. Known as Suptapadanghusthasana, this yoga asana can strengthen every weight-bearing joint in your body and maintain good shape.

In the video, Rujuta mentions that this yoga asana can help your muscles learn to engage themselves so that your hip is able to move to entire range of motion. The asana is to do and can be easily done at home. Watch the video below to know how it is done.

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For performing Suptapadanghusthasana, you need to be perpendicular to a wall. Keep both your feet on the wall with legs apart. Lie down flat on the yoga mat. Pull your knee closer to your stomach. Take a belt and place it on your sole. Stretch it while you make an effort towards straightening your thigh. Push your thigh away from your face and make sure that your toes are pointing downwards. Make sure that the other leg is perfectly straight on the ground, and the foot is touching the wall.

With the help of a trained expert, you can also try stretching the raised leg towards right, as is illustrated in the video. The same needs to be done on the left side.

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Performing this asana with the right technique can help you have a better posture. It can facilitate better recovery from training and help you stay injury free. Women who have difficult periods can benefit from this yoga asana as it helps in reducing period pain. With regular practice and working towards gaining perfection, you can get a flatter stomach and a leaner appearance by doing this yoga asana regularly.

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