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Why Katrina Swears By Duck Walks: Health Benefits Of This Workout

Duck walk exercises involve walking while in a squatting position. They improve flexibility and make our thighs and buttocks firmer.

Why Katrina Swears By Duck Walks: Health Benefits Of This Workout

A picture shared by Katrina Kaif on Instagram


  1. Yasmin Karachiwala shared a post where Katrina was seen doing duck walks
  2. Duck walks help in boosting stamina
  3. Duck walks are full body workouts

Those who have tried duck walks would know how much strength it takes to get our thighs and buttocks to get into that motion. But Katy (Katrina Kaif) is such a pro at it! In one of the recent videos shared by Katrina's trainer Yasmin Karachiwala, both Katy and Yasmin are seeing having some fun doing the extremely tedious duck walks around the gym. Dressed in white ganjis and grey sweatpants, the Tiger Zinda Hai actress seems comfortable, while mastering the duck walk exercise which helps in burning excess calories and fats from the body.


Coz workouts need to be fun too..... @katrinakaif and me Duck Walking around #befitbecauseyoudeserveit #yasminfitnessmantra #YasminsBodyImage #BeFitwithYasminKarachiwala #Pilates #PilatesMasterTrainer #PilatesIndia #fitnessgoals #WeekendMotivation #FunctonalFriday #CelebrityTrainer #KatrinaKaif

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But what exactly are duck walk exercises?

A strength training exercise that targets on muscles of buttocks and thighs, duck walk exercises are done by walking while in a squatting position. The exercise is popular for increasing the muscle mass and firming our thighs and buttocks.

Here are some other benefits of duck walk exercise, which is also known to be as beneficial as squats and lunges:

1. Enhances the strength of ankle

Duck walks put a great deal of pressure on your ankle joints. The exercise builds the connective tissue in the ankle joint area and makes it stronger.

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2. Increases stamina

Duck walk exercises are helpful in boosting stamina and immunity. They reduce scar tissue in calf muscles and keep us active for the entire day.

3. Improves flexibility

Duck walks make us more flexible by improving the movement of our hips. They also help in reducing back pain and help us maintain a better body balance.

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4. Beneficial during pregnancy

Duck walks have proven to be excellent exercises for pregnant women. By strengthening thigh muscles, they help in reducing the pain women experience during delivery.

5. Work for full body workout

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Duck walk exercise is an excellent low-intensity workout, which helps in strengthening the soft body tissues. Along with movement of thighs, the exercise also involves movement of arms, back muscles, abdomen, knees and legs. The exercise can be helpful for those who are always running short of time. 

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