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Watching Out For Something Healthy To Eat? Shilpa Shetty's Oats And Sattu Upma Could Be The Perfect Pick!

Are you falling short of ideas for healthy meals? Here's one interesting dish you can try!

Watching Out For Something Healthy To Eat? Shilpa Shettys Oats And Sattu Upma Could Be The Perfect Pick!

The oats and sattu upma could make for a healthy breakfast option


  1. You can add a variety of vegetables to this upma
  2. It is made with roasted oats and the very nutritious sattu
  3. The dish is quick and easy to prepare

New and wholesome food ideas, that are delicious and nourishing, may not always be easy to find. When the lockdown started, many people revived their inner chef, tried new recipes and healthy ways to cook food. Maintaining health, fitness and immunity have all been of crucial importance in these testing times. And if you have fallen short of ideas and recipes for healthy, simple and filling meals, then actress Shilpa Shetty Kundra is here to your rescue. In of her recent IGTVs, the actress talks about oats sattu upma, a fibre and nutrient-rich dish that can be prepared quickly and easily.

Oats and sattu upma by Shilpa Shetty Kundra

"It's a tedious job to wake up every morning and decide the menu for the day. It has to be different, healthy, and filling - all at once," Kundra writes in the caption of her IGTV. "The Oats Sattu Upma is loaded with essential nutrients, is extremely filling, and lip-smackingly tasty. You can add the veggies of your choice and a wholesome meal is ready in no time," she adds. 

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The upma is made with some wholesome and nutritious ingredients like oats, sattu (which is roasted and grounded baby chickpea), steamed veggies like green beans,sweet corn and carrots. This dish is rich in protein, can relieve constipation, and also act as an energy booster.

To prepare oats and sattu upma, you need to boil water (2.5 cups), ghee (1 tbsp), cashews (5-6), mustard seeds (1 tsp), curry leaves (7-8), finely chopped ginger (1 inch), finely chopped green chilli (1), asafoetida (1/4 tsp), finely chopped onion (1), roasted oats (1 cups), sattu (1 tbsp), chopped and steamed carrots (1/2 cups), chopped and steamed (1/2 cup), steamed sweet corn (1/2 cup), some salt to taste and coriander for garnishing.

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Now keep the water for boiling. In another pan, add some ghee and roast cashews. Add mustard seeds, curry leaves, ginger, green chilli, asafoetida and saute them. Now add onion and saute till its golden brown. Now add roasted oats, sattu, carrots, green beans, sweet corn and salt and mix well.

At this moment, add boiling water and increase flame to high. Cover and cook oats for 10 to 12 minutes. Stir well and check if it is cooked properly. Transfer to serving bowl and garnish with coriander leaves. Serve hot.

The oats and sattu upma can be consumed as a mean meal or as an evening snack as well. It is filling in nature and provides you with multiple vitamins and minerals.

Try it today!

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