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Want Toned Abs? 5 Abs Mistakes You Must Watch Out For

Are you also working hard to achieve toned abs? Is your diet and exercise routine not working well? You might be making some mistakes which are restricting you from achieving abs. Here are some abs mistakes that you need to stop making right now.

Want Toned Abs? 5 Abs Mistakes You Must Watch Out For

A combination of the right diet and exercise is required to achieve abs


  1. There is no short cut to achieve toned abs
  2. You need the right combination of exercise for abs
  3. Your diet plays an equal role in achieving tones abs

Toned abs require a lot of hard work and patience. You need complete dedication towards the diet and the exercises you are following. Every fitness freak spends hours at the gym to achieve perfect abs. Crunches are considered as the best exercise for abs. If you have been doing endless repetitions of crunches and still not getting the desired result, you should think twice. Sometimes your fitness regimen will not give you the desired results. There are certain mistakes which can restrict you from achieving toned abs. You might not be aware of these mistakes but they are simply ruining the results of your efforts. Do not worry here are the answers to all your questions. Watch out these mistakes that you should avoid to make the best out of your fitness routine.

Mistakes you should avoid for toned abs

1. Not eating the right food

If you are hitting the gym every day and still not getting the desired results then you must watch your diet. Spending hours at the gym is not the ultimate solution to achieve abs. Your diet plays an equal role. You need to carefully observe what you are eating throughout the day. You should also not blindly choose any other diet. Consult your trainer and choose the best diet according to your exercise routine. A diet which suits you the best will give you the desired result when combined with exercise.

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2. You are not following the right breathing pattern

When you are exercising, you breathe in a certain pattern. If the breathing pattern goes wrong it can leave an impact on the results. Your trainer must have directed you when to inhale and exhale. Follow the inhale-exhale pattern as advised by your trainer. It will make sure that the muscles are pulled and relaxed in the right manner.

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3. Not drinking enough water

Enough water is necessary for the functioning of the human body. If you are planning to achieve toned abs then you must drink enough water. Water will keep you hydrated and help you flush out toxins effectively. It is often advised to drink enough water on a weight loss routine. For toned abs as well you should drink enough water.


Drinking enough water is necessary to achieve abs
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4. Sticking to crunches only

Crunches are the most popular exercise for flat abs. Are crunches enough to achieve toned abs? The answer is no. You need to combine different exercises to get the best results. Your trainer will guide you through different exercises which can give you the best results. Do not decide the exercise routine all by yourself, you should try consulting an expert which can suggest you the best exercises.

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5. Not getting enough sleep

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Sleep is as important as exercise. If are working out during the day you need proper sleep and rest to refuel energy. Sleep deprivation can stimulate hormones which can trigger hunger. It will also lead to stress and stress also contributes to increased hunger. To achieve abs you need to take proper sleep to control hunger as well as to receive enough energy for the next day.

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