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Skin Feeling Dry And Irritated? This 4-Ingredient DIY Face Mask Is The Quick Fix You Need

The ingredients required tot prepare this DIY mask are simple and easily available: honey, milk, oats and ripe avocado or butter fruit.

Skin Feeling Dry And Irritated? This 4-Ingredient DIY Face Mask Is The Quick Fix You Need

Dry skin remedies: Prepare this homemade mask with avocado to tame dry skin


  1. Dry skin is a common issue faced by many
  2. You can prepare a DIY mask at home to combat dry skin
  3. Milk and honey can keep your skin hydrated

People with almost any skin type face their own individual set of issues. Those with dry and or sensitive skin are no exception, especially when certain kinds of climate and weather, along with increasing levels of pollution aggravate the dryness, and trigger the inherent sensitivities. Immediate medical attention or dermatological medication might not always be within reach, especially when you're in dire need of a quick way to soothe your skin and help nourish it. In times like this, our kitchens can be a treasure trove of ingredients that can be very beneficial for our skincare.

Skincare tips: Homemade face mask for dry skin

Celebrity dermatologist, Dr. Chytra has a DIY solution with only 4 homely ingredients to soothe dry and sensitive skin. In an Instagram Reels, she shares with us an amazing hack for calming down our skin in case of dryness and sensitivity and providing it with moisture and nourishment.

All 4 ingredients — honey, avocado, milk, and oats — are easily available in Indian kitchens. Her advice? Take a bowl. In that add one tablespoon of honey, half avocado or ripe butter fruit, one tablespoon of milk, and one tablespoon of oats. Mix it all together and let the blend rest for 15 minutes to soak through. Apply to clean face and leave it on for 10 minutes. After that wash it off.

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The benefits of Dr. Chytra's DIY mask are many. In her caption, she mentions how honey draws moisture into skin and hydrates it. Butter fruit softens the skin while nourishing it deeply with rich Vitamin E and fatty acids. Lactic acid from milk reduces inflammation, and oats contain anti-inflammatory and moisturising properties that soothe skin irritation. If you can't find butter fruit, don't worry, Dr. Chytra recommends avocado oil as an alternative.

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Her caption even mentions a pro-tip. "Dry skin untreated can lead to pigmentation in Indian skin. Daily moisturiser with Ceramides, Vitamin E and Hyaluronic acid help repair the skin barrier and protect from further damage."

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So, what are you waiting for? Try this Dr. Chytra's DIY face mask for dry skin.

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