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This Is What Could Have Possibly Caused Virat Kohli's Neck Sprain

Virat Kohli's neck injury: The BCCI has said that Kohli will have to undergo rehabilitation for around 3 weeks. Know all about neck sprains and how severe they can be.

This Is What Could Have Possibly Caused Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli's neck injury has resulted in his rehabilitation for 3 weeks


  1. Neck sprains can be caused because of whiplash injuries
  2. It may take a day or 2 till you start feeling symptoms of neck sprain
  3. It is important to avoid physical activity for sometime after neck sprain

Nothing could be more heartbreaking than knowing that our very favourite Virat Kohli will not be able to play cricket for a while. A neck injury has resulted in Virat being unable take his upcoming tour to England. The ace cricketer got a neck sprain during his last IPL match against Sunrisers Hyderabad on May 17 in Bengaluru. This neck sprain has resulted in calling off of Kohli's stint with Surrey. The BCCI has reportedly said in a statement that Kohli will have to undergo rehabilitation for around 3 weeks before taking a fitness test on June 15 at the National Cricket Academy in Bengaluru. It is only after scrutinising how he responds to the test that the future course of action regarding Kohli's ability to play again will be decided. Kohli's instance certainly raises concerns about neck sprains and neck injuries and their level of severity. How fatal can a sprain in the neck be? Let's find out.


A neck sprain is a condition which results in a stretched muscle or ligament in the neck. A whiplash injury can be commonly associated with a neck sprain. Whiplashes can be caused because of playing a contact sport, car accident, a ride in the amusement park or a sudden movement which forces neck to extend beyond its normal range of motion. Any of these instances result in stretching of neck and tearing of muscles along with a lot of pain, as must have been the case with Virat Kohli.

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Symptoms of neck sprain

The deal with neck sprain is that the symptoms might not be felt instantly. It may take a day or 2 till you start feeling pain in the neck. Common symptoms of neck sprain include pain in neck which gets worse with movement, stiffness in neck which decreases its range of motion, muscle spasms of pain in upper back or shoulders, headache at the back of head, dizziness, ringing in ears, sore throat, irritability, difficulty in sleeping and concentrating, tingling, numbness or weakness in hands or arms and fatigue.



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As a preventive measure for neck sprain, you must see a doctor as and when you experience these symptoms after a whiplash kind of an incident. This will help you be better informed about your condition and rule out a more serious problem such as damage to the spinal cord. In case of spinal cord injury, you might experience symptoms like weak legs, difficult in walking and unable to control bladder and bowel. It is suggested that immediate pain in the neck be checked with a doctor without delay.

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Treatment and diagnosis of neck sprain

You must visit a physician in order to rule out the possibility of any serious injury or a problem more severe than a neck sprain. The physical exam conducted by the doctor will check your reflexes, strength in muscles and range of motion. You might also be suggested for CT scans and MRIs.

neck sprain

Neck sprains can last upto 4 to 6 weeks
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Any soft tissue injury will be treated by the age-old RICE therapy, which stands for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. Seeking assistance from a cervical collar can help in dealing with the pain a little less severe. A neck collar supports your head and relieves pressure on the neck. It allows the neck ligaments to heal.

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Ice pack is one of the most effective treatments for sprains. You can use ice pack in a neck sprain for around 20 minutes several times in a day to reduce pain and inflammation. Do not use heat therapy at the early stages of injury as it can increase circulation and swelling in the area. Try moving your neck in periodical intervals to check for improvements and range of motion.

It takes anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks for symptoms of neck sprain to reduce and become less painful. More severe cases can take longer to heal. It is because of this reason that you are advised to take rest and avoid getting back to physical activities and playing sports. You can take physio therapy for quicker and safer recovery.

We wish Virat Kohli a speedy recovery and a promising comeback as soon as possible!

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.


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