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This Magic Salt Can Help You Sleep Better, Improve Brain Function And Is Good For Your Heart: Find Out More

Epsom salt: If you wake up with pain in calf muscles or stiffness in legs, you are probably deficient in magnesium and should try epsom salt for some relief. More benefits right here.

This Magic Salt Can Help You Sleep Better, Improve Brain Function And Is Good For Your Heart: Find Out More

Epsom salt bath can be beneficial for athletes as it reduces inflammation


  1. Epsom salt can be beneficial for those who experience water retention
  2. It can help in reducing knee pain and neck pain
  3. It can reduce inflammation and muscle soreness

Epsom salt can benefit you in more ways than you can imagine. It is easily available and is extremely pocket-friendly. It is basically magnesium sulphate, which is made with magnesium, sulphate and oxygen. Soaking epsom salt in water releases magnesium sulphate ions, which can be absorbed into the human skin. Epsom salt or magnesium salt has numerous health benefits, says lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho in one of his live sessions on Facebook. Many people drink water with a pinch of epsom salt as a way to deal with constipation. But, epsom salt should be put to use for constipation only under medical supervision.

According to Luke, you can increase epsom salt intake by adding around 50 gms to 200 gms of epsom salt in a bucket of water and bathe with it. You can do it once a week or once a month. You can soak your feet in warm water infused with epsom salt. Make sure you soak your feet up to the knee levels.

If an epsom salt soak reduces pain in legs, then it automatically indicates that you are deficient in magnesium. Apart from epsom salt, you can also eat magnesium rich foods like leafy green veggies, almonds, walnuts, peanuts and pistachios.


Leafy green veggies are rich in magnesium
Photo Credit: iStock

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Epsom salt: Health benefits you cannot ignore

1. Doing this can be beneficial for the elderly or those who experience a lot of knee pain, neck pain or a lot of water retention in the body. Magnesium is important for over 325 functions in the body, ranging from heart health to blood pressure, brain, skin, hair, liver function, kidney function and much more.

2. Most of us are depleted in magnesium because of living a poor lifestyle. Symptoms of magnesium deficiency include tight and painful calf muscles or stiffness in legs, it can be a symptom of magnesium deficiency. Epsom salt bath can show effective results in reducing this stiffness and pain in legs and calf muscles.

3. Epsom salt can also be beneficial for athletes as it is anti-inflammatory. It can reduce pain, muscle soreness, inflammation in joints and muscles. Epsom salt bath or soak can be used post training or for recovery from surgery.

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4. Epsom salt is also great for improving sleep. Going to bed after an epsom salt bath can help you have deep sleep. This occurs because magnesium is precursor to melatonin, the sleep hormone. Epsom salt can be an effective remedy for jet lag or excessive travelling.

5. Epsom salt act as a natural exfoliant for skin. You can wash your face with epsom salt for effective results.


Epsom salt can naturally exfoliate skin
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6. Children and adults with autism or epilepsy can benefit from epsom salt as it induces calmness.

If you are soaking in epsom salt, make sure that you have a glassful of water after that. Drinking water is important as you lose a lot of water during your epsom salt soak. Epsom salt sachets are easily available in the market and you can carry it even when you're travelling.

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(Luke Coutinho, Holistic Lifestyle Coach - Integrative Medicine)

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