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Suffering From Chronic Pulmonary Heart Disease? Fitness Expert Shares 5 Exercises You Must Try

Exercising regularly is beneficial for your health in various ways. Those suffering from chronic pulmonary heart disease should also exercise regularly to allow your heart function properly.

Suffering From Chronic Pulmonary Heart Disease? Fitness Expert Shares 5 Exercises You Must Try

During exercise your heart and lungs work harder to supply oxygen to your muscles


  1. Regular exercise can keep your lungs healthy
  2. Exercise also supports your heart health
  3. Pilates builds core strength, improving your posture

For those who feel like they cannot indulge in workouts due to certain health issues, celebrity fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala has a solution for you. She explained on Instagram how the right exercise can help you feel better mentally and physically, while simultaneously helping you grow stronger. Demonstrating few such exercises in a video, she wrote, "Pulmonary Heart Disease happens when the right ventricle has to work too hard to pump blood to the lungs that have been damaged. The lungs may have been damaged by a condition like COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), blood clots in the lung, or sleep apnea."

Workout for Chronic pulmonary heart disease patients

Karachiwala said that our heart and lungs work harder to provide the additional oxygen required by our muscles when we are physically active. Regular exercise makes our muscles stronger. It also helps make our lungs and heart stronger.

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"As your physical fitness improves, your body becomes more efficient at getting oxygen into the bloodstream and transporting it to the working muscles," she wrote.

Aerobic activities like walking, running or cycling give the heart and lungs the kind of workout they need to function efficiently.

Offering other workout options, Yasmin Karachiwala said, "Pilates builds core strength, improving your posture, and toning your breathing muscles. Breathing exercises, in particular, can strengthen your diaphragm and train your body to breathe more deeply and more effectively."

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According to Karachiwala, these are few types of workouts people with Chronic Pulmonary Heart Disease must try:

  1. Plie + Releve - 10 reps
  2. Seated Twists - 5 reps each
  3. All fours Opposite Hand and Leg Abduction - 7 reps each Side
  4. Bridge Marching - 10 reps each side
  5. Rocket - 10 reps

Try these exercises at your home!

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