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Three Simple Exercises That Can Bring You Closer To Achieving A Flat Stomach: Watch Video

Apart from helping you have a flatter stomach, these exercises can also help in avoiding conditions like a prolapsed uterus and enlarged prostate, says Rujuta Diwekar. Watch the video to try these exercises now.

Three Simple Exercises That Can Bring You Closer To Achieving A Flat Stomach: Watch Video

It will take nothing more than 5 minutes to do these exercises


  1. The exercises are simple and can easily be included in your daily routine
  2. They can help in improving posture
  3. They reduce lower back issues as well

If achieving a flat stomach seems like far-fetched dream for you, then look no further. Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar recently shared a few simple yet effective exercises that can help in not just getting a flat stomach, but can also help in avoiding conditions like a prolapsed uterus or an enlarged prostate. According to Diwekar, it is always small lifestyle changes that help in bringing bigger changes. So, she shared exercises which she calls "easy" and can be done by anyone.

Exercises that can help you get a flat stomach and avoid prolapsed uterus and enlarged prostate

First exercise

For the first exercise, all you need to do, is stand with your feet under the hips. Then, observe how you feet are, if they are pointing slightly outwards, then there are chances that you have issues of a prolapsed uterus or an enlarged prostrate. Standing in this posture increase the risk of collapse in your lower back.

So, make sure you stand with your toes pointing straight in the front, with heels in a straight line. Standing in this way engages your adductors and helps in maintaining a good posture. It also engages your lower back and hips in a better way. Make sure your chest is lifted up and arms extended.

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Second exercise

For the second exercise, take a chair. Now place yourself in between a wall and the chair, as Diwekar illustrates in the video below at 3.11. Your feet should be in the same position as in exercise 1. Now push your hips slightly downwards and rest your back on the wall. The ends of your shoulders should be touching the wall. Now pull yourself back up. Doing so well engage your adductors and glutes, and will help you with the concern of getting a flat stomach, informs Diwekar.

Now pull the chair closer to you, and place the corners of your feet in the inner part of the back legs of the chair. Watch video at 4.11 to see how this is to be done. Allow your heels to come out a bit, with toes slightly inside, says Diwekar.

Try to push your shoulder bladed back so that they are touching the wall. This will engage your core, further addressing the concern of getting a flat stomach.

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Third exercise

For this exercise, you need a pillow. You need to stand in the same posture as exercise one. Place the pillow in between your legs. It will engage your inner thighs. Place the chair on your back. Now try to gently sit down on the chair, and then stand back up. Repeat 5 times and try to do this exercise for at least three time in a day.

You can do these exercises several times for the day. Take out as less as five minutes to do them and they will help you, Diwekar assures.

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(Rujuta Diwekar is a nutritionist based in Mumbai)

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