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Side Effects Of Following A Crash Diet You Need To Know

Weight loss: In order to shed kilos many follow crash diets. These may offer quick results but can negatively affect your overall health in many ways. Here are some ill-effects of crash diets you need to know.

Side Effects Of Following A Crash Diet You Need To Know

A crash diet fails to offer right nutrition required by the body


  1. Crash diets are deprived of right nutrition
  2. These diets make you consume very less calories
  3. You may also experience frequent headaches due to crash diets

Crash diets promote quick weight loss with some major changes in your calorie and nutrition intake. These may sound quite tempting and easiest ways to lose weight but they might take a toll on your overall health. These might give you quick results but they won't last for too long with some side effects too. To lose weight healthily, experts advise a healthy and well-balanced diet with some or the other kind of physical activity. In this article, you will learn about the side-effects of a crash diet and the importance of following a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Ill-effects of crash diet on body

1. Affects your immune system

Most fad diets are deprived of essential vitamins and minerals that support the functioning of the immune system. A weak immune system can put you at a higher risk of potential diseases.


Improper nutrition can affect your immune system
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2. May lead to eating disorders

Crash diets make severe changes to your eating habits. These may contribute to an eating disorder as well. These diets make you constantly think about eating less and sometimes you feel too hungry that you end up consuming more calories than required.

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3. Affects your heart health

Following a crash diet can contribute to several factors that can negatively affect your heart health. It may affect your blood pressure numbers, cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels that can harm your heart health.

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4. Triggers minor health issues

Irregular meals and consumption of too less calories can trigger day to day health issues. You may experience frequent headaches, constant fatigue, nausea and dehydration.

5. Ill-effects on hair and skin

Your hair can skin too need right nutrients. It is advised to consume a healthy diet to receive all necessary that can boost your skin and hair health. Crash diets fail to provide these nutrients.


One may also experience skin issues after following a crash diet
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6. Digestive issues

Too less calories can also cause digestive issues. Lack of fibre can cause constipation and irritable bowel syndrome too.

7. Low levels of energy

Insufficient calorie intake can make you feel tired all the time. You may not have enough energy to complete day to day tasks efficiently.

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