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Quick Weight Loss: Dieting Or Lifestyle Management, Know What You Should Stick To

Weight loss tips: Dieting requires you to restrict or cut down one or more particular kinds of food groups. It may offer quick weight loss, but it offers no sustainable health goals. Lifestyle management includes dieting but other health aspects too.

Quick Weight Loss: Dieting Or Lifestyle Management, Know What You Should Stick To

Weight loss achieved from dieting may be gained back once you get back to normal eating habits


  1. Losing weight does not mean losing health
  2. Your dieting should not make you feel unhealthy or sick
  3. Lifestyle management can help you achieve sustainable health goals

Dieting is done for a purpose, weight loss being the most common of them. But lifestyle management is what you do to become a fitter, healthier version of yourself-in addition to weight loss. Further elaborating on the difference between the two is nutritionist Nmami Agarwal on Instagram. "Dieting is a state where you cut down on a whole set of food groups," she says on her IGTV. While dieting may lead to a drop on the weighing scale, it will provide with zero sustainable health goals, she adds.

Dieting vs lifestyle management: what's the difference and which will lead to quick weight loss?

Lifestyle management, on the other hand, is a basic approach in which you work towards achieving the goal of a healthy lifestyle, better overall health and healthy weight. For lifestyle management, you must follow diet that includes all basic five food groups - carbs; proteins; milk and dairy products; fruits and vegetables; and fats and sugars. Lifestyle management can help you achieve long term sustainable health goals.


Lifestyle management can help you achieve sustainable health goals
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This is not to infer that lifestyle management is done only by taking care of your diet. It includes balanced eating, getting a sound sleep, being physically active, exercising regularly and having a positive approach towards life.

According to Nmami, simple dieting has the highest bounce rate of weight gain, at the same pace that it was lost. Many people do dieting to achieve quick weight loss, but the moment they get back to normal eating habits, the lost weight is usually gained back quickly.

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Tips for doing dieting in the right manner

1. If you are obese or overweight and have started experiencing digestion issues, then you can resort to quick weight loss diet plans like keto diet, low-carb diet, Mediterranean diet etc. In order to prevent weight gain the moment you get back to regular eating habits, practice moderation when following any diet.

2. Whichever diet you are planning, make sure that you don't feel sick in following it. If you experience fatigue, irritation, mood swings, constipation, gas and acidity, then that diet is either not suiting you or you're not doing in the right manner.

3. Losing weight does not come at the cost of your health. Achieving weight loss might be important to you, but gaining good health must always be your priority.

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Apart from diet, being physically active and regular exercise are equally important. Your exercise regime should include both cardio and strength training. While the former will help in burning calories and boosting your stamina, the latter will help you build muscles and become stronger and less prone to injuries.


Dieting and exercise go hand in hand for lifestyle management
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So, dieting or lifestyle management... what do you choose?

(Nmami Agarwal is nutritionist at Nmami Life)

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