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Do You Need Proteins Or Protein Supplements For Weight Loss

Protein and protein supplements for weight loss: Celebrity trainer Vinod Channa elaborates on the importance of including protein in your diet for weight loss and optimum nutrition.

Do You Need Proteins Or Protein Supplements For Weight Loss

Protein and protein supplements are essential for maintaining muscles


  1. Proteins help you in getting fitter and stronger
  2. Inadequate intake of protein can make you look older
  3. Proteins are required to maintain muscles

Nutrition is very important, irrespective of whether you are living a sedentary lifestyle or the one which includes regular workout. According to my observation, food habits or the different food cultures in India primarily consist of more of carbohydrate and fat. Most meals here include more of rice, roti, sweets and lots of fried foods and bakery products. Due to this, we tend to miss on protein and fibre. Also, cooking habits in most houses include use of excess oil or ghee. Vegetables are usually overcooked - which not only adds more fat to food than required, but also makes it lose the nutritional value.


Proteins are essential for weight loss
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This is the main reason why we struggle with the issues like weight gain, difficulty in getting in shape. The only way to get in shape and lose weight or maintain good physique is to add more muscle and lose excess fat for which the main ingredient is protein. Adequate protein needs to be added as per your physical movement and age. Proteins, essential vitamins and minerals when combined with regular exercise, will help you get in shape and make you stronger, fitter and healthier. Protein helps in building muscles in the body. When you have more muscles, your body utilises calories continuously to maintain those muscles which keep your metabolic rate high.

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Why do you require more protein?

If you are an individual who has sedentary lifestyle or are someone who doesn't workout, you require protein to maintain the existing muscle.

People who workout regularly are able to break down muscles when they exercise. These muscles recover within 48 hours, but only after they take proper nutrition i.e. micro and macro nutrients. The primary nutrient required for maintaining muscles is protein. The Indian diet has less protein and more carbohydrates and fat. Intake of carbs and fats need to be reduced if you are obese or have less physical movement in day-to-day life.

Requirement of protein

For people who have sedentary lifestyle or people who do not workout:

- 30% of body weight is the minimum requirement to maintain muscles which will help them in day-to-day physical movement for e.g. walking, sitting and getting up etc.

For individuals who workout regularly

For people who workout regularly, every kg of body weight needs 1 gram of protein. This intake will increase as per the intensity of your workout.

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chia seeds

Chia seeds are good source of protein for vegetarians
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Sources of protein:


1. Lentils

2. Chickpeas

3. Hempseed

4. Green peas

5. Spirulina

6. Quinoa

7. Amaranth

8. Soya bean

9. Soya milk

10. Oats

11. Chia seeds

12. Brown rice

13. Nuts

14. Milk

Non vegetarian:

1. Fish

2. Turkey

3. Egg

4. Chicken

5. Meat

Sometimes it becomes difficult for vegetarians to intake required amount protein in a meal. For instance, to get 6g of protein, you need to at least take 26g of moong dal whereas 1 egg provides 6 g quality protein.

26g of moong is difficult to eat in one meal. If you attempt to eat 26 g of moong dal in one meal, there are high chances of gastric issues.

Therefore, to fulfil the protein requirement, vegetarians have to plan their meals in a way that the requirement is fulfilled.

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What if you do not get enough protein?

If you do not provide yourself with required amounts of protein, you will not see improvement in your workouts. The result of your exercise and diet will also be comparatively slow. Also, there is lack of recovery due to which chances of injuries are high. For people who do not workout, protein requirement must be fulfilled else you will look older than your age. Your metabolic rate will go down along with your muscles. You will also gain more weight.


Not taking sufficient protein can make you look older
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Protein supplements

There are many options and brands available in vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Vegetarians can especially opt for protein supplements to fulfil their requirement. There are many options available on the market like brown rice protein, whey, tea protein (made out of green veggies) etc.

(Vinod Channa is a celebrity trainer)

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