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Celebrity Trainer Vinod Channa Reveals The Secret Behind Harshvardhan's Transformed Body

Trainer Vinod Channa reveals several workout secrets of actor Harshwardhan Rane.

Celebrity Trainer Vinod Channa Reveals The Secret Behind Harshvardhans Transformed Body

Celebrity trainer Vinod Channa with actor Harshwardhan Rane


  1. Vinod Channa helped Harshwardhane Rane to have a fit body
  2. He had around 3 months to transform the Bollywood actor
  3. Vinod Channa says that any target can be achieved with the will to do it

Before he started training with me, Harshvardhan Rane was chubby. Even though he was working out for quite some time, he was unable to achieve results as per his expectations or as per the requirement of the roles he was aspiring for. When he was offered the Bollywood film Sanam Teri Kasam, he approached me aspiring to achieve an attractive muscular physique. His character in the film was that of a 'very good looking romantic guy'.

vinod channa and harshwardhan

Celebrity trainer Vinod Channa working out with Harshwardhan Rane
Photo Credit: Vinod Channa


Harshwardhan Rane's training 

We had around 3 months to achieve the desired target. I first started taking his diet under consideration to understand his mistakes kept him away from his desired goals. I also wanted to educate him about the right nutrition according to his age and intensity of workout. I changed his diet plan completely and then started working on a workout plan for him. I concentrated completely on technique, form and range of motion. Gradually, we worked really hard with progressive weight training and conditioning exercises to achieve faster results in the required the time frame.

vinod channa and harshwardhan

Celebrity trainer Vinod Channa helped Harshwardhan Rane have the perfect body
Photo Credit: Vinod Channa

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I added various fitness techniques for agility, balance, mind and body coordination and flexibility. These helped him ease his day-to-day activity and improved his performance in action, dance, speed, and overall performance in movies. The best part about training with Harshvardhan was he always supported me 100% by following proper diet and willingly accepting new challenges and different workout regimes.

vinod channa and harshwardhan

Celebrity trainer Vinod Channa trained actor Harshwardhan Rane
Photo Credit: Vinod Channa

Within the required time frame, this young, hardworking boy achieved a beautiful, naturally muscular physique, which impressed everyone on the sets. He received appreciation for his transformation from this chubby guy to a boy with a strong muscular physique.

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Further transformation of Harshwardhan Rane

Recently, Harsh completed shooting for his upcoming film Paltan, which is set to release on September 7. His character in the film was totally different from his previous character. Here, his character required the physique of rough and tough army person.

vinod channa and harshwardhan

Celebrity trainer Vinod Channa is the man behind Harshwardhan Rane's perfect body
Photo Credit: Vinod Channa

After Sanam Teri Kasam, we prepared for a tough look for physique of a superhero. Since he was already working out with me, I was able to add challenging strength training, callisthenics, lots of conditioning and agility workout which helped him improve his quality of muscles. However, looking at his physique and role requirement he was offered the role of the army man and he started working for the shoot immediately.

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So I would say that any physical transformation or drastic change in appearance is possible with the will to do, the right guidance, hard work and dedication. 

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