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Not Losing Weight Inspite of Doing Everything? Celebrity Trainer Vinod Channa Tells You Why

Celebrity trainer Vinod Channa gives fitness tips on how to effectively lose weight.

Not Losing Weight Inspite of Doing Everything? Celebrity Trainer Vinod Channa Tells You Why

Vinod Channa has trained the liked of Shilpa Shetty and John Abraham


  1. Vinod Channa recommends investing in a good trainer
  2. He says that it is important to learn the right technique of working out
  3. Exercising will show effective results only if you challenge yourself

Many people complain that they are not losing weight or are unable to reach their target weight inspite of doing their best - following a healthy diet and exercising regularly. This is one of the major reasons why almost 80% of people get demotivated and give up. After a few failures in the initial stages, say during the first 3 to 6 months, they stop trying! Only a few take a step further and try to look for a better trainer, seek the right guidance and find out the gaps and errors in their diet and workout regime. In such cases - as per my experience of 22 years in fitness industry with specialisation in 16 techniques - I have observed that most people do not understand their body type and tend to blindly follow others or fads.

exerciseDo not follow anyone's workout regime: Vinod Channa

Here are the 4 steps that I would strongly recommend you to follow before you lose interest and feel demotivated to lose weight. Follow these steps before you give up:

1. Do not follow anyone else's plan

Do not follow anyone else's diet or workout routine. Your requirement and lifestyle will be very different from another person. So your plan, whether it is diet or a workout plan, will be quite different based on your individual needs, fitness levels, overall health condition, etc. Someone else's diet and workout regime may not suit your fitness level. Also, get a professional to help you chalk out a diet for you which will suit your age, gender, body type and requirements. Please do not follow any fad diets! 

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2. Invest in a good trainer

Invest in a good trainer even though it might be a little hard on your pocket. It is important to understand the correct form, technique, range of motion, intensity of workout and small steps which will take you to higher levels of fitness without muscle wear and tear. The trainer will help you in understanding your body type and will make you believe in yourself for doing challenging movements. 

weight lifting exercises for belly fat lossInvesting in a good trainer will help you learn the right technique of exercising

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3. Watch your cheat meals

I have seen that many people follow their respective diet for the entire day but attempt minor cheating. For instance, they may take small bites of unhealthy foods or add some tiny sugary foods to their diet. There are some people who follow their diet for 4 to 5 days and believe that a cheat day is allowed once in a while. However, this actually spoils their entire week's hard work. It depends upon your body fat percentage whether you need to cheat in a week or once in 15 days. Ideally, you must break your diet only once in 15 days during the first phase of your weight loss. After reaching your target, you are allowed to eat whatever you, like once in a week while on other days you are supposed to follow only good eating habits.

junk food vs health foodYou must break your diet only once in 15 days during the first phase of your weight loss: Vinod Channa

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4. Challenge yourself

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Some people do not seem to challenge themselves enough while working out and are scared to step out of their comfort zone which makes their workout ineffective. This is the main reason why they don't progress and lose no fat. Sometimes, they tend to follow wrong form and range of motion which literally spoils 60 percent of the effect of their workout. This makes them prone to risks of injury as well.

planks are core strengthening exercisesIt is important to challenge yourself for effective results of working out

(Vinod Channa is a celebrity fitness trainer and consultant based in Mumabi)

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