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Weight Loss Tips: Mistakes You Should Avoid For Sustainable Weight Loss

Weight loss tips: Heres what you should keep in mind before embarking on any new diet plan.

Weight Loss Tips: Mistakes You Should Avoid For Sustainable Weight Loss

Weight loss: Eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly for sustainable weight loss


  1. Regular exercise can help in sustainable weight loss
  2. Following a Fad diet can lead to certain side effects
  3. Eat a well balanced diet to prevent nutritional deficiencies

Losing weight should be a gradual process, requiring a lot of patience and perseverance, along with a balanced diet and workout regime. Taking a shortcut, such as eating less or starving, has never helped. At the same time, people also should not fall for fad or quick-fix diets, which promise to make losing weight an easy process and appear too good to be true. In short, there is no magic formula for weight loss. That's what even nutritionist Nmami Agarwal reiterates in her latest post on Instagram, where she says that a restrictive diet plan is never a good idea.

Weight loss tips: Why you should not try fad diets for sustainable weight loss

Nmami captioned the clip, “Things we go wrong on while planning to lose weight. Yo-yo effect. Following a restrictive diet plan is never sustainable. You end up craving a lot, demotivated to follow, and eventually give up.”

In the clip, the nutritionist explains the vicious cycle that restrictive diets engulf us in. She says, “You tend to pick up a trending diet style, you get motivated, lose weight, which is generally the water weight, then you hit a plateau, get confused and give up. Then again, you start everything back because you're feeling guilty. Finally, again you end up picking another trending diet and get motivated.” She tells her followers to “choose wisely and start doing something which is more sustainable”.

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Earlier, Nmami had busted a few myths around a strict juice diet for detox and weight loss. “Remember there are no shortcuts and no magical drinks. All you need is dedication and motivation to work hard. Listen to your body and your body will listen to you back,” she added in the note. Nmami clarified that the liver and kidney perform the function of detoxifying. “A glass of vegetable juice is okay but not an exclusive juice cleanse diet,” she said.

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Even celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija, too, had stated facts around eating less for losing weight. While it is necessary to follow a disciplined routine to stay fit, it should not be done without verifying the authenticity of the remedy.

So, next time you think of following any fad diet, just remember that it's always better to instead take up some healthy food resolutions you're likely to keep for life.

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